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STRANDFONTEIN – Management of the Southern Birding Area and
the Pelican Park Nature Reserve.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town, Cape Bird Club and CTEET.

The Julie te Groen Bequest has been managed by the Chairman of the CBC Conservation Committee and various CBC members since 2000. Along with City of Cape Town management they have succeeded to implement management interventions to improve the habitat for birding the main focus of the Bequest. This mainly worked through the False Bay Ecology Park Steering Committee. This Committee was active from 2000 to 2015 and was made up of various interest group representatives and City line function dept managers.
Various successive managers salaries have been funded by the Bequest with equal funding by the City for these temporary positions. Eventually creating a permanent position in the City for a Manager of the Southern Birding Area. This helped pave the way for the proclamation of the RAMSAR certification as the site now has a documented management plan in place.


CTEET  (Cape Town Environmental Education Trust)  as a partner since 2007 introduced skills development non accredited programmes focused on upskilling members from the communities surrounding False Bay. In 2014 they introduced the first accredited learnerships in Nature Conservation at False Bay, with graduates achieving an NQF level 2 National certificate.


In 2016 the FBPAAC (False Bay Protected Areas Advisory Committee) took over from the False Bay Ecology Park Steering Committee function, as the Reserve is now a formal legal entity, proclaimed under the National legislation for Nature Reserves. With this, the reporting process has changed into a quarterly report for the whole of the False Bay Nature Reserve and in line with the reporting methods for all the other City Nature Reserves. So the SBA reports are now included in the quarterly reports.

See the Management interventions during the years below.

As in any big city, caution should be taken, be aware at all times about what is going on around you especially with expensive optical or photographic equipment.
Emergency phone number – for the whole area – 083 499 1717.

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Report to follow.

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