SBA – Management – May 2013.

Some of the excited group waiting at the start of the Birdathon – Family Fun Walk on 04/05/2013.

photographs by Gavin Lawson and Erica Essig,


  • BirdLife SA Family Fun Walk event, lots of planning and logistics to get everything
    in place for the day.
  • Fish Trek.
  • P5 Shaping and contouring of banks from CFWWTW side.
  • Maintenance of heronries: Adding more brush.
  • BIC new plants planted in garden beds (to attract bush birds).
  • Soil erosion at J dam – New sand bags added and more carportus planted for stability.
  • Baden Powell fence line fixed (vandalism and theft) New wire put up and poles replanted
    with cement.
  • Water hyacinth removal starting on P8 with excavator and dumper trucks.
  • Rooi kranz, Mantocka and Port Jackson Removal at Management Blocks 2 and 4.
  • J dam Fishing bridge demolished and rebuilt.

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