SBA – Management – December 2013.

Moving between the 2 heronrys on the new working raft.

All photographs by Erica Essig.


  • Finished building the 3 rafts. One is in S4 as a bird perch. Another in P6.
  • Interviews and appointment of new staff for Pelican Park.
  • Alien clearing in management block 5 in the birding area.
  • Hyacinth follow ups in the pans.
  • MOU meeting with CBC Conservation Committee members.
  • Started on the Kedestes butterfly monitring protocol.
  • Assisting Zeekoevlei with the fence lines in the southern area.
  • Capture and release of relocated reptiles.
  • Plenty of migrant waders are present, also a Grey Plover seen.

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