SBA – Management – August 2012.

Spring has sprung.   The white daisies are flowering in profusion.

All photographs by Erica Essig.



16 August 2012 – Erica reports that some areas have become overgrown and neglected, due to the time delay of her appointment as the new Manager. Some of the areas she has been working at this month are;

  • I have also started removing all of the invasive Tree Mallow (Lavertera arboraea) that has taken over most of the landscape.
  • I am in the midst of cleaning up all of it (Fishing platforms, birding platforms, Birding Information Centre, and the picnic sites and garden area.
  • The water hyacinth in the canals by P1, S2 and S1 have has been removed. We are busy doing the follow up and monitoring of these sites. A small team are assisting me to create a water hyacinth floating boom, that we intend using on S1 to try eradicate the water hyacinth. We are in the midst of its production, it is been a slow process.
  • I have created a questionnaire that the gate house staff is giving to all birders to gain some more insight on the feedback of this user group. Any plans, developments and project suggestions are most welcome.
    Please could all birders fill the questionnaire in and leave your comments.
  • I am also starting to monitor the Flamingo population more carefully (I do Flamingo counts every Thursday). We have a very large group with a lot of juveniles!!!

Have a look at the photos and see what has been happening.