SBA – Management – February 2014.

Gum tree branches placed in P1 for bird perches.

All photographs by Erica Essig.


  • Installed more gum tree perches at P1 and S2 – have noted swallows and cormorats perching here.
  • GIS mapped all the Imperenta grass patches in Pelican Park. This will be used to create our Kedestes monitoring protocol which is being piloted this year.
  • Mangement block 5 has finally been cleared by the Strandfontein team.
  • Mangemnet block 2 was initially cleared at Pelican Park by the IAS team.
  • Excavators have left site. They didn’t finish the typha at P2, but the pan has had a major facelift.
  • Plant ID conducted at Pelican Park with Robin and Pat Burnett and Ismat.
  • Constant monitoring of all electric fencelines, bollards, barbed wire fenceline and Baden powell fenceline.
  • Put up more bollards at Recife Close in Pelican Park because the quadbikers and cars were getting through the gaps.
  • 3 Pectoral Sandpipers seen in P1.

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