SBA – Management – November 2012.

Building the bridges for the fishermen at J dam.

All photographs by Erica Essig.


30 November 2012 – Erica reports;

  • I have 3 volunteers helping me this month.
  • We have now cleared T1, T2 and T1 Canal, we have completed the initial phase and initial follow up of both water bodies.
  • In the past 4 months we have successfully removed water hyacinth from 11 canals and pans, and are currently in maintenance phase. We ‘only’ have S1, S3 and P8 canal to clear. These pans are actually the largest of all the water bodies at Strandfontein and have been infested for close to 7 years. A new approach and clearance design is currently being planned.
  • The pan signs were also sanded, painted and varnished.
  • We gave all the infrastructure (fishing platforms, birding platforms etc) a fresh coat of varnish, and we are currently in the midst of completing the fishing bridges on J dam. J dam has severe erosion and presently the anglers have no means to reach the pan without walking over the unsteady bank. We have built 2 bridges in the hope to halt the erosion process.
  • We have been extremely busy with hippo capture operations! Phase one is completed and we have successfully installed an electric fence around the perimeters of pans S1 and S2, where Bilbo is currently residing. I will be sure to keep you up to date with any further progression of Operation Whipomorpha.
    Could all birders please repsect the NO ENTRY signs and posts that are on the pans. It is of great importance that no one enter these zones which are currently being closed to the public.
  • Peter Ryan and a colleague came to Strandfontein to count the Kelp Gull nests, a reported 1325 nests were counted. There are many chicks adorning the dunes.
  • Species spotted this month include : Yellow billed Kite,  Black crowned Night Heron,  Striped Field Mouse,  Purple Heron,  Greenshank,  Ruff, and  Red Knot.

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