SBA – Management – September 2012.

The Kelp Gulls all lined up along the fence posts on the southern boundary.

All photographs by Erica Essig.


28 September 2012 – Erica reports;

  • The initial Hyacinth removal with the excavator at small triangle of P1 and P3. Assistance by a skills development person and 1 volunteer. Numerous black bags of rubbish at P1 were removed. Hyacinth follow up at P1 and P1 canal. Water hyacinth follow ups at P7, S1 and S2 canals.
  • Daily removal of alien invasive terrestrial species namely; Echium plantaginum, Tree Mallow – Lavaterea arborea, Lupins from S1 and P1, transported by the bakkie load to the landfill site.
  • Filling and fixing soil erosion (dongas) in the road from water pressures bursts in the road behind S8.
  • Fixed Birding platform – 2 stairs broken.
  • Launched the Water Hyacinth Boom (WHB) at S1. Tried to remove the WHB from S1 with vehicle and winch, strain too great for the lengths. Myself and volunteer removed pipes from S1.
  • Analysing CWAC count data for the Ramsar Wetland Application. Generated Monthly Maintenance Plan, also Operations and Objectives Plans.
  • Writing up the Skills Development Proposals.
  • Updated Bird Count data to Biodiversity Database.
  • Construction of the heron roost started – foundation scaffolding is in place. Work had to stop as a Coot nest was built at the base.
  • We blocked off the illegal pathway with brush at the pump station, installed poles to block off the illegal pathway at Baden Powell Drive. Repaired the fence line at the Pelican Park illegal pathway.
  • 3 x Cows were found on site, they ran back to Pelican Heights before the City’s Animal Control Unit showed up.
  • …… and more.

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