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An index of articles in “Promerops: Magazine of the Cape Bird Club”.

Promerops 305

PROMdex is an index and database of articles published in “Promerops: Magazine of the Cape Bird Club”. The index lists the details of individual articles – the title, author’s name, Promerops issue number, page numbers, and date of publication — and each article has been assigned keywords (tags) that describe the topics covered in the article. In PROMdex you can browse through the list of articles; search for a specific article; or search for articles on a topic that interests you. Once you have found an article of interest, you can link to the relevant issue of Promerops magazine and scroll down to read the article. (Please note, that articles from the most recent issue of Promerops are only available online four months after the issue has been published in print.) PROMdex has been created by the editor of Promerops, Fiona Jones.

There is a User Guide (see link below) which shows you how to use PROMdex in six easy steps.

Please note: PROMdex is a work in progress. The index will grow gradually as new issues (and older issues) of the magazine are indexed.
To date, the index covers Issues 293-327  (March 2013- Nov 2023).