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This photo gallery represents all the species that occur in the geographical boundaries of the Western Cape, currently over 500 species.
This includes resident, migrant, rare and vagrant species.
This geographic region contains many varied habitats and as such, some species may be common in a particular habitat, but absent from others.

Species are alpha indexed in separate pages by English family names. A-B, C, D-E etc. 

The gallery here covers species families M-O. As we develop and finish other families, separate pages will be added.

Click on the relevant tab ie: ‘N’ =Nightjars.

These pages viewed on small devices ie tablets or cell phones show a white strip across the images. This is unavoidable and a symptom of the software. To see the full image without the strip just tap on the image for a full screen display.

Photographers have given permission to use any of these photos for education purposes only.
For Commercial use the copyright resides with the photographer.

BROWN-THROATED MARTIN – Daryl de Beer, Derek Longrigg, Otto Schmidt


ROCK MARTIN – Derek Longrigg, Graham Pringle, Jessie Walton

SAND MARTIN – Otto Schmidt

COMMON MOORHEN – Derek Longrigg, Graham Pringle

RED-FACED MOUSEBIRD – Graham Pringle, Jessie Walton

SPECKLED MOUSEBIRD – Otto Schmidt, Graham Pringle, Myburgh Brink

WHITE-BACKED MOUSEBIRD – Graham Pringle, Jessie Walton

NEDDICKY – Otto Schmidt, Graham Pringle

EUROPEAN NIGHTJAR – Otto Schmidt, Peter Steyn

FIERY-NECKED NIGHTJAR – Peter Steyn, Jessie Walton

FRECKLED NIGHTJAR – Peter Steyn, Per Holmen

RUFOUS-CHEEKED NIGHTJAR – Peter Steyn, Jessie Walton

AFRICAN OPENBILL – Lesley Bust, Derek Longrigg

BLACK-HEADED ORIOLE – Lesley Bust, Otto Schmidt, Graham Pringle


WESTERN OSPREY – Lesley Bust, Otto Schmidt

COMMON OSTRICH – Lesley Bust, Otto Schmidt

AFRICAN GRASS OWL – Peter Steyn, Jessie Walton

AFRICAN WOOD-OWL – Margaret McIver, Lesley Bust

CAPE EAGLE-OWL – Peter Steyn, Jessie Walton

MARSH OWL – Peter Steyn, Per Holmen

PEL’S FISHING OWL – Sandy Schmidt, Otto Schmidt

SPOTTED EAGLE-OWL – Daryl de Beer, Graham Pringle, Otto Schmidt

VERREAUX’S EAGLE-OWL (Giant Eagle-Owl) – Lesley Bust, Graham Pringle

WESTERN BARN OWL – Peter Steyn, Jessie Walton

RED-BILLED OXPECKER – Lesley Bust, Derek Longrigg

AFRICAN BLACK OYSTERCATCHER – Otto Schmidt, Derek Longrigg

EURASIAN OYSTERCATCHER – Peter Hills, Otto Schmidt