SBA – Management – April 2013.

Beware this is Bob Marley the hippo.

All photographs by Erica Essig.


  • This month the conservation team has been very busy with the water hyacinth removal and follow ups! The excavator cleared the main canal that runs from Zeekoevlei to the canal and the team have been in the water for the past month with wetsuits and hand picking out all the hyacinth that has been missed. We have finally finished the initial hand follow up and the canal is looking great! The excavator has started removing the infestation of hyacinth from P8 now, and we hope to get in there next month to do the hand follow up.
  • The reeds from P5 were removed, so that pan looks a bit dreary and muddy. It has really opened up the pan for visibility, and we have had a lot of action from birds in P5, since the reed removal.
  • The terrestrial invasive species including canna, tree mallow, rooi kranz, ipomea and manatoka are all being removed from various areas and we are also continuing with the monitoring of new regrowth and seedlings!
  • The bridges on J dam are finally finished and all varnished. The volunteers especially Florian have been working very hard on this and the results are great. We also repaired a lot of the infrastructure as we found it broken from wear and tear and also some broken on purpose!
    Please could everyone who comes across vandalism or breakages report it to the Main Office.
  • The hippo, Bob Marley is currently still in S1 and we are busy building a boma for his capture. He has frequently been seen by visitors, and as he is currently being fed by management, so he is very curious and is visible during the day.
    Please can all visitors not approach the animal, and DO NOT get out of the car when you see the hippo. He is a wild animal, and they are notoriously known for very aggressive behavior.

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