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Have a look at some of the organisations / activities / local resources available in South Africa:

Environmental Education

CTEET (Cape Town Environmental Education Trust)
Environmental education for children at Cape Town Nature Reserves.

Bird Life SA’s Bird of the Year
Each year BirdLife South Africa selects a species as the ‘Bird of the Year’. The Cape Rockjumper has been chosen as Bird of the Year in 2021. We are partnering with Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures to raise awareness about this interesting species.

Young Birders

The Young Birder’s Backyard Guide
A great resource for the avid young bird enthusiast.


The Birding Life Youth Podcast
In the Birding Life Youth Podcast we dive into the minds of young birders to find out what makes them tick and how they see this wonderful hobby called Birding!

Birding Games

Bird Academy Play Lab
Birds are awesome. Play games that explore flight, song, dance, feathers, and so much more. You might want to start with one of these:

All about feathers

Wall of birds

Bird anatomy

All about fancy males