SBA – Management – September 2013.

What is going on here………….what are they doing?

All photographs by Erica Essig.


  • New grid installation at S2 canal to stop the water hyacinth infecting the other pans.
  • Capture of Mother and Calf Hippo and returned to Rondevlei!!!!
  • Grading of all the roads by CFWWTW.
  • CFWWTW still continuing to remove water hyacinth from S3.
  • Echium initial removal.
  • Continue cutting vegetation on island in S7 to convert to a heronry.
  • Finish the Barbed wire fence line at Pelican Park.
  • Typha removal at P1 small, P3 small and P5.
  • A Goliath Heron in P1, Yellow billed Ducks with chicks and sand Martins building nesting burrows.

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