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What is bird counting & why is it important?

Bird Counts are a way that we can contribute towards scientists gathering information which helps them determine many findings about our natural habitats and the birds that use them. This also helps the management policies by the relevant authorities in the Cape Fynbos biome, which is a World Heritage Site.

We greatly encourage our members and visitors to participate in our bird counts at the various sites, we have fun and collect valuable data at the same time.

We need to let others know that we care about “our birding areas”.

You can also get involved in Bird Counting on a much smaller scale (defined by you), keep your eyes open on your drive in to work or your local park where you walk your pets or even just in your garden at home and record your information on MyBirdPatch. Quick and simple to do and so valuable to the researchers, students, scientists & decision makers who use the information. Click here for more information.


We do regular monthly counts as a group as well as bi-annual CWAC (Co-ordinated Waterfowl Annual Census) counts, why not join us and see what it is all about?

Zandvlei Nature Reserve


Symphony Way Nature Reserve