SBA – Management 2008.

June 2008 – Aerial photograph of the new Bird Information Centre construction in the centre of “the wagon wheel” of the pans.

photograph by Gavin Lawson.


April 2008 – Eben Jansen the new Manager reports;

  • An island has been created on pan S3 (see below) where we are busy putting branches on it as there are between 100 -150 birds roosting on the island.
  • Another bit of news is that I am planning a nice entrance to the birding area, with signage and a new boom gate that will open at 07h30 in the morning and close at 19h00 at night.
  • I am just awaiting a fire permit before we can start burning the reeds around pan P2 (see below)
  • I am also in the process of getting a sponsored 4×4 for use at Strandfontein.
  • Other news is that we are in the process of building a big canal bypassing the hyacinth pan so that we can try and remove the hyacinth by drying the pan completely.


photographs by Morne Carstens.

A new pan constructed in the south western corner which has filled with rain this winter.

It will be a seasonal wetland. It was utilised by birds very soon after filling with water.

Fire management to reduce the annual dry brush load.

The new picnic site on the northern side of pan S8.