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Promerops is published 3 times a year and is usually 36 pages long. It is a magazine which is created specially for our Cape Bird Club Members by Fiona Jones.
To receive this printed magazine crammed full of interesting articles, beautiful photographs, information on upcoming club activities, sightings and observations  and much more join our club (click here to read more about our club and join us).
There are some magazines available in two parts, as the total file size was too large for uploading to the server as a constraint requirement.

There is an index to Promerops, called PROMdex. If you are looking for a particular article, or for articles on a particular subject, click here to access PROMdex.
Please note that the index is a work in progress. See the PROMdex page for the latest issues which have been indexed.

Also see the CBC news sheets and newsletters which were started in June 1950 and the forerunner to Promerops.

Our Prized Magazine