Kirstenbosch Bird Walk – 17 July 2018 led by Brian Vanderwalt.

I joined the July bird walk on Tuesday 17th July 2018, along with about 12 members from the Tygerberg Bird Club and other Cape Bird Club members. Unfortunately, Brian Vanderwalt who was the leader, was delayed by traffic, so we set off under our own leadership!

We saw our first Spotted Eagle Owl as we entered the Gardens, sitting above the turnstiles in the fig tree and from the Boomslang we could see the second one. When we were up in the Protea Garden we were shown the third Spotted Eagle Owl of the day.
We carried on up and were rewarded with a great view of an African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene) over our heads at the top of Rycroft Road. From there we split into two groups to go to the dam. The Black Ducks were no longer there, maybe because the water was no longer flowing into the dam. However, we all enjoyed the stroll up there and we saw Cape Sugarbirds in the Proteas in that area. We saw about 20 species along the way around the gardens.

photographs by Myburgh Brink and Linda Hibbin.

Linda Hibbin.



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