Conservation Committee visits th Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary and Vincent Pallotti Wetlands – 09 August 2015.

The Committee decided we needed to update ourselves with the conditions of the Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary and the Vincent Pallotti Wetlands and surrounds. These areas are included in the TRUP (Two Rivers Urban Park) development which is still on the planning tables within the City of Cape Town. So on the 09 August 2015 Dave Whitelaw, Simon Fogarty, Clifford Dorse and Gavin Lawson met in the afternoon.

We walked along the Black River to the confluence of the Liesbeeck River to get a feel of the conditions for bird habit and its potential management. We saw a number of bird species Greater Flamingo included flying along the Black River next to the M5 freeway. We found a breeding area for cormorants and darters with chicks in nests. We discussed the suitability for ducks nesting in the area something Doug Harebottle had mentioned in a meeting prior to the visit. Also the breeding banks for kingfishers.

There is wonderful backdrop of Devils Peak visible from this position at the Liesbeeck River.

At the Vincent Pallotti Wetlands which are further away from the mountain and out of its shadow, there was warm sunshine on this cold winters day.

We discussed and put forward ideas how it could be possible to improve birding conditions without spending too much money and requiring maintenance personnel for the upkeep of these areas.


Gavin Lawson.


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