Birdathon 2017 – 2. Fun Walk

The first individuals and groups set off soon after 08h00, equipped with their bird charts and the questionnaire.  There were 5 tables with various information to answer the questions at each table. Whilst passing the tables on route the CBC volunteers said they were freezing. It was cold if you were stationary.  Those walking were not really effected as it was ideal walking weather. There were scopes at each were set up and trained on birds not moving around too much.  Although they were becoming fewer and fewer, At Table 4 there were the most birds to be seen close by. There was a large flock of Avocets along with a number of Cape Shovelers present. All the Flamingos had flown from the Southern Birding Area into Zeekoevlei and were sheltering behind the reeds in the far distance out of the wind.

There were many happy faces along the way and everyone was having fun.  There are not many places so close too home for the nearby residents where one can do  a 6km walk in safe surroundings such as this.



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