Kirstenbosch Bird Walk – 12 September 2018 led by Daryl de Beer and Myburgh Brink.

We were really blessed with splendid weather for this outing. About 24 people arrived and we were lucky enough to have 3 Kirstenbosch guides with us, so we had bird and plant ID’s covered for our group.

The highlight of the day was a sighting of an Olive Woodpecker, noticed by Anita as it flew into a tree. This sighting resulted in several lifers, as did the presence of the Bronze Mannikins at their personal little pond.

We also saw 2 different nesting owls (the owl at the rocks has been protected behind a barrier), and a combination of all the usual suspects. We heard a Klaas’s Cuckoo, but did not manage to track it down.
All in all we saw 26 species and heard 3 species.

I really enjoyed this outing together with Myburgh Brink as the walk leaders.

photographs by Daryl de Beer.

Daryl de Beer.



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