Outing to Kirstenhof Wetlands Walk.

23 March 2024– Led by Tim Kirsten.

cbc outing kirstenhof wetlands walk 04 DdB 23 march 2024

This past weekend KERA (Kirstenhof Environs and Residents Association) hosted the Kirstenhof Wetland Walk with Tim Kirsten. The Cape Bird Club was invited to join the Kirstenhof Wetland Walk and ten CBC members attended.

We were privileged to have Tim share his wealth of knowledge and completely blown away by your enthusiasm and interest in the event. Tim shared his re-discovery from 2022 of the Psoralea filifolio, first discovered in the Cape Flats region in the 1830’s and last observed many decades ago. This tree is maintained by Louise Kinrade and supervised closely when cleaning crews are in the area.

The CBC members with their well-tuned eyes, pointed out the abundance of birdlife and other wildlife. Everyone was well pleased when three Cape Dwarf Chameleons were spotted right at the edge of the river.

Thanks to the organisers for this enjoyable morning’s walk.

Photographs Sharon Richner and Daryl de Beer.

Report by Louise Kinrade.