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The Cape Bird Club Jubilee 1948 to 1998.


Jo Hobbs compiled and edited the 55 page Special Edition, a supplement to the Promerops magazine in April 1998, as a tribute to the Club, its members and their achievements.

Peter Steyn took the photograph on the front cover page.

Below are the chapters of this historical look at our Club and thank you to Jo for this wonderful record.

The Cape Bird Club Jubilee 1948 to 1998.

The Front and Back Covers.


How it all began.


Chapter 2.    Page 10-15.


Chapter 3.     Page 24-29.


Chapter 4.    Page 34-39.


Chapter 5.    Page 45-50.


Greetings from Overseas.


The Contents page.


Chapter 1.      Page 5-9.


Chapter 2.    Page 16-23.


Chapter 3.    Page 30-33.


Chapter 4.    Page 40-44.


Cape Bird Club publications.


The Chairman’s Tailpiece.