Second record of Salvin’s Albatross on Gough Island

January 2015 – by Christopher Jones and Michelle Risi

Salvin's Albatross on Gough Island
Salvin's Albatross on Gough Island by Christopher Jones

Salvin’s Albatross

Thalassarche salvini

Salvin’s Albatross Thalassarche salvini have been recorded as vagrants on a number of islands in the Southern Ocean but are seldom seen in the South Atlantic. The first sighting of this species on Gough Island was on 21 October 2008.

This species was sighted for a second time ashore on Gough Island on 17 and 19 January 2015, the bird was measured (bill, wing and tarsus), banded (SAFRING No. 9A-69251) and photographed.

Photographs taken by Christopher Jones and Michelle Risi, the field biologists currently on Gough.

Reference for the first sighting.
Visser, P., Louw, H., Cuthbert, R.[J.] & Ryan, P.[G.] 2009. Salvin’s Albatross Thalassarche salvinion
Gough Island, South Atlantic. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 16: 215-216.