Outing to Cecilia Forest,  Raptor watch.

07 February 2024.

Leader Matthew Orolowitz.


cbc outing raptor watch 03 MB 07 feb 2024


About fifty birders gathered at the viewing platform, Cecilia Forest, for a raptor watch on a cool evening with a slight breeze.
The outing was quite nice, but no confirmed European Honey Buzzards were seen, though. The night started off with a pair of Mystery (Cape) Buzzards in the distance, one of which came in a bit closer, followed by two Common Buzzard spots, as well as the first Black Sparrowhawk of the watch.

Afterwards, we saw a Yellow-billed Kite, a Jackal Buzzard and innumerable Booted Eagles. At the end, we watched a Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk attack a Jackal Buzzard.
At least eight raptor species were seen, although some, like the Peregrine Falcon near the end, were far away.

Photographs by Amy Bray and Mike Buckham.

Report by Zachariah Kaspersen (12 years).