Launch of the IBA and Biodiversity Reports on 16th September 2015 – Report by Gavin Lawson.

This is a working relationship with the Cape Bird Club, BirdLife SA and the City of Cape Town.


BirdLife SA launched the South Africa 2015 Status Report for the IBA’s (Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas) at the False Bay Nature Reserve, Head Quarters. The Reserve has recently received RAMSAR certification making it one of the few sites, world wide, within a City.
Daniel Marnewick introduced the proceedings in the main hall at the Head Quarters. A number of local partners were represented at the function. He emphasised how important the working relationships are for projects to succeed and carry on.

The SANBI representative, Carmel Mbizvo opened the address thanking all the people involved who are helping to conserve the various natural areas throughout the country.

Stephen Granger, City of Cape Town ERM Special Projects spoke about all the partnerships involved in the process of achieving RANSAR Status for False Bay Nature Reserve and how important this area is for tourism.
Tourism is the largest revenue earner for the Western Cape.

Dale Wright, the Western Cape BirdLife Manager, emphasised we all now need to get on and conserve the biodiversity of the habitats so that tourists have something unique to see when they visit the Western Cape.

The guests were invited to take a report. These will become available electronically we were told.



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