Orange Breasted Sunbird
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Kirstenbosch Bird Walk 06 May 2015 by Simon Fogarty.

A sunny morning with a gentle breeze saw 16 of us set off just after 08h30 on much the same route as usually taken on the monthly bird counts.

Birding started off rather slowly and the best early sightings were of a couple of Swee Waxbills in some long seeding grasses off the Peninsula Garden and a pair of Cape Batis that were very confiding.

Southern Double-collared Sunbirds were very active and when we got just past the Braille Trail activity increased. Lots of Swee Waxbills were feeding, African Olive Pigeons were seen and probably the best sighting of the morning was a very vocal Bar-throated Apalis that everyone saw well. The Dell was very quiet but the Spotted Eagle Owl was in its usual spot just above the Cycads. Higher up amongst the proteas, we had good sightings of Orange-breasted Sunbirds, but no Cape Sugarbirds.

Raptors seen were Black Sparrowhawk, African Goshawk and a pair of Jackal Buzzards.

It was good having Otto Schmidt, Linda Hibbin and Des Lazar amongst the group as they were happy to assist with answering questions and a very pleasant morning ended after a walk along the canopy walkway.

A total of 25 different species were seen.

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