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Kirstenbosch Bird Walk – 03 January 2017 by Linda Hibbin.

Kirstenbosch/ CBC Walk – 03 January 2017 was led by Linda Hibbin.

We had a large group of about 23 people on what was a very windy day. We struggled to see birds. The best sighting was a pair of rock kestrels “discussing” the mouse that one of them had caught – it was a spectatular aerial display. We saw baby guineafowl as we entered the Gardens and then a very young African Dusky Flycatcher towards the end of our walk. Luckily we found one adult owl, none of the youngsters could be found. In the gloom of the Braille Trail we saw Cape Batis flying high up in the canopy of the trees and then a pair of African Paradise Flycatchers. The walk extended over two and a half hours and we still hadn’t covered the part of the gardens near the Botanical Society offices! However, it was enough time for people to have seen many of the common species found here.

Our final tally was 25 species.


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