Hacking Team at Zandvlei Nature Reserve – March 2016.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and the Zandvlei Trust.

It was a very hot afternoon +/- 35 degrees in the reeds, with a berg wind condition, and locally a slight SE breeze was evident. The water surface was almost still on the main waterbody and the naval cadets were rowing boats about in the bay. The estuary mouth was open and the water speed under the railway bridge was 1 metre per 10 seconds at 14h20. At 16h00 it was reversed as the tide was moving the surface water back under the railway bridge.

We had a new hacker today Dugal Harris, he came via the ZVT FB notice.

There were still patches of Monopsis lutea – LOBELIACEAE flowering. Sue, Dugal and Barry cut some of the remaining Lantana creepers and then tackled a copsed Brazilian Pepper stump which tool most of the afternoon. There are a number of Brazilian Pepper saplings to be tackled in Management block 27. We noted a pathway has been cleared on the eastern side of the Keysers River during the week.

22 bird species seen today with the Caspian Terns being the only visible birds moving about in the air. Emperor Dragonflies were patrolling up and down their pathways. Small robber flies were present all over the open areas. There were spider hunting wasps of all sizes seen flying about. We saw this immobilised Cape Rain Spider – Palystes castaneus, being towed away by a Spider Hunting Wasp under the railway line ballast stones.



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