TMAK Project begins…

It is exciting to see a project move from a proposal on paper,  to bricks and mortar!  This experimental project is  to see if we can attract more kingfishers and martins to Strandfontein by building some artificial breeding banks.  The CBC engaged the services of NCC Environmental Services Pty (Ltd) to manage the project, and of course we have the permission of the City of Cape Town.

We will build two walls with holes,  plus use two Jojos  with pipes to create the artificial breeding banks.  (Note:  sand banks do exist naturally at Strandfontein  but are just  too sandy  and any holes dug into them  just collapse). Building began on  the two concrete walls this Wednesday  4 July 2018. (the Jojos will be phase 2).

We hope you will watch the progress  and report any signs of use once the artificial breeding banks are complete.   The one site is right next to the Julie te Groen Bird Information Centre .  The other site is more hidden  but it is next to a gulley  on the way to the picnic spot.  Sign boards explaining the project will be erected.


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