Hacking Team at Zandvlei Nature Reserve – July 2013.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and the Zandvlei Trust.

Sue Wishart co-ordinates the Cape Leopard Toad (WLT) activity for our area, so please help by volunteering your time this year. The breeding season is about to start.

There is a Volunteer Information Session this coming Saturday 20th July at the Tokai Library Hall from 15h15 to 17h00.

Contact Sue on 083 441 4740 for more info. She also supplied the photo of the WLT.


We were back in management block 21 again today. Another rainy afternoon with low cloud, although it was very light rain. Richard Storey, managed to get 4 scouts including is sons, and a parent Clyde to come along today. Mary also representing the scouts also came again today. Landia Davies came all the way from Green Point to volunteer her time, learning about clearing invasives. Local new comers Hein and Frieda from Vlei Road, they are seasoned Bettys Bay hackers. Another new person Beth Kingma a ZVT member came today, she also lives nearby. 17 people including myself, WOW!!

There is still sign of the bergies with heaps of junk they have left behind. There appear to be many new pathways made by these bergies, through the area which was undesturbed for a number of years. Who knows what the impact is, which they have created for the wildlife here.

We managed to cut down a number of trees and shrubs. There still remains much work in this area. We will have to revisit some of the stumps next month as they may not all have been treated well enough with the herbicide.

There was spoor of Grysbok and the oldish middens of Water Mongoose and recent Cape Clawless Otters.

Birds present; One of the Fish Eagles was present all afternoon on the Fish Eagle perch, calling when we arrived and when we left. Kelp and Hartlaubs Gulls. Black and Grey Heron, Caspian Tern, Darter, Reed and White breasted Cormorant, Egyptian Goose, Yellow billed Ducks. Coot and Little Grebe where present by their calls. Cape Bulbul, Karoo Prinia, Cape White Eye, Laughing and Cape Turtle Dove.



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