Hacking Team at Zandvlei Nature Reserve – April 2013.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and the Zandvlei Trust.

One of those perfect autumn days weather wise. The soil is dry, very few plants are flowering currently, but that should change soon. There is a presence of people living in the top section and middle sections of the reserve, one in a tent.
The black bags are now 5 months old and have still not been removed by the Reserve staff and are now completely shredded by the wind.
Some well worn pathways are developing through the property from the top of Old Boyes Drive to the lower sections.

We tackled the missed Australian Myrtle tree sapling again. Bert cut a variety of species down around the rim of the quarry. Robin, Sue, Bowen and Joan pulled out long sections of Cape Honey Suckle a garden escapee from the upper Old Boyes Drive gardens. I finished off the Pampas Grass section. Barry set off early up the steep slope to finish a section he worked on previously and we only saw him at the end.

Bowen commented that there are a lack of mice and the run paths they make. The grasses are dry and there is plenty of seed available. Interesting observation. There were lots of Cape Autumn Widow Butterflies about today at the various elevations. There was a Grass mimicking Grasshopper in a photo. The Polygala garcini still flowering. This small restio is flowering and is a new specie for the Reserve.

Birds present Cape Bulbul, Cape White Eye, Cape Robin Chat, Laughing Dove, White Necked Raven, Feral Pigeon and a number of Red winged Starling.




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