Hacking Team at Zandvlei Nature Reserve – April 2011.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and the Zandvlei Trust.

There were plenty of Dotted Border butterflies around the area we were working today, with a few Table Mountain Beauty and Citrus Swallowtail butterflies also present. Bowen and Bert decided to work the big trees at “the quarry” as we had more muscle power today. Catherine trimmed branches to clear the way to the base of the trees. Got plenty done on the very steep slopes. Cut Port Jackson, Manatoka and some Sestrum trees near the southern boundary. We found a stone over hang where a Parrot beaked Tortoise could live. The soils and grasses are very dry and slippery when climbing the steep slopes. I took some photos of large both protea or leucadendron shrubs on the upper slopes.

The garden escapee Morning Glory creeper has taken hold of a large section on the southern side of the area.



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