Conservation Corner No. 6 – January 2024 by Isabella Hayden.

This is the second in our series of pieces about bird-friendly plants for the garden (last August we discussed “Kruidjie-roer-my-nie” or Melianthus Major). This month we profile a plant that isn’t that well known.

The ‘African Boxthorn’ (or Lycium ferocissimum) is an evergreen, drought-hardy shrub which occurs in coastal scrub, from Llandudno up the West Coast and across southern Africa. It’s not widely used as a garden plant but it’s very good for birds and a very effective barrier plant.

It grows up to 2.5 to 3m with a similar spread. Although it grows mostly in sandy or stony soils, it has done well in Rosebank clay, too. The roots are non-aggressive, but it has extremely vicious thorns – even the thorns have thorns! Excellent for security.
The flowers are light blue to white, appearing any time from winter through summer.

Southern Double-collared Sunbirds occasionally visit them for nectar. Orange-red fruits develop after the flowers, and all the fruit-eating birds enjoy them.

And the leaves themselves are also eaten by birds – White-backed and Red-faced Mousebirds feast on the leaves in summer.

The thorns provide excellent protection for nests, and the Cape Sparrows in your garden may build several nests in each shrub.

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Article by Isabella Hayden.


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