Paarl Bird Sanctuary Counts in 2018.

A working partnership with the Drakenstein Municipality and the Cape Bird Club.

Monthly bird counts take place, on the last Saturday morning in the month.
Anyone interested in helping can contact Yvonne Weiss at 021 872 4972 for details of starting time and meeting place.

by John Fincham and Jo Hobbs.

Goliath Heron.

photograph by John Fincham.

June 2018.

The CWAC count at Paarl Bird Sanctuary took place this morning, Sat 30/06/2018.

Despite the weather,  there are a lot of Pochard, Maccoa, Black Duck and White-faced Duck. Hottentot Teal, Fulvous Duck and White-backed Duck were also seen.
A group of 41 Three-banded Plovers was on the berm between E2 & E3 pans.
The Grey-headed Gulls are nesting.

photographs by John Fincham and Gilbert Reinhardt, report by John Fincham.

February 2018.

The monthly CWAC count at Paarl Bird Sanctuary took place this morning, Sat 24/02/2018.

The main highlight was a Goliath Heron on A pan. There were 7 African Black Duck on C pan, a pair on B pan, and a pair on the adjacent Berg River.

Other highlights were a pair of Gymnogene, a Little Bittern in flight, Hottentot Teal, Black Crake, several Purple Gallinule and White-winged Terns changing to breeding plumage.

photographs and report by John Fincham.