Blackwinged Pratincole
Blackwinged Pratincole by Trevor Hardaker

Local and National Rarities list

By Rarities Committee

If you have seen a rare bird in the Cape Town or Western Cape – Atlas Region please report it by submitting it as an Incidental Report on SABAP 2 by filling in this online form ( It is then verified by the Committee and if it is confirmed then it is listed.

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Western Cape Local Rarities

Map regional wc rarities
Map regional wc rarities

(area south of Vanrhynsdorp and west of Nature’s Valley, bounded by the Cederberg and the Little Karoo)

Roberts No.Bird SpeciesComment
10Wandering Albatross
19Antarctic Fulmar
32.1Spectacled Petrel
36Flesh-footed Shearwater
64Goliath Heron
66Great White Egret
69Black Egret
72Squacco Heron
74Green-backed Heron
77White-backed Night Heron
79Dwarf Bittern
84Black StorkSWC atlas area - declining?
85Abdim’s Stork
89Marabou Stork
90Yellow-billed Stork
99White-faced Duck
100Fulvous Duck
107Hottentot Teal
115Knob-billed Duck
122Cape Vulturewest of Agulhas / Stormsvlei
128Cuckoo Hawk
132Tawny Eagle
133Steppe Eagle
135Wahlberg’s Eagle
139Long-crested Eagle
142Brown Snake Eagle
143Black-breasted Snake Eaglesouth of Klawer
147Palmnut Vulture
157Little Sparrowhawk
161Gabar Goshawk
166Montagu’s Harrier
167Pallid Harrier
173Eurasian Hobbyexcept Stellenbosch
179Western Redfooted Kestrel
180Eastern Redfooted Kestrel
192Redwing Francolin
206Hottentot Buttonquail
209Crowned Crane
212African Crake
214Spotted Crake
215Baillon’s Crake
218Buff-spotted Flufftailexcept Cape Peninsula
221Striped Flufftail
224Lesser Gallinule
227Lesser Moorhen
229African Finfoot
230Kori Bustard
232Ludwig’s Bustardirruptive range
240African Jacana
242Painted Snipe
250Mongolian Plover
251Sand Plover
252Caspian Plover
257Blackwinged Ploverwest of Mossel Bay
291Grey Phalarope
292Red-necked Phalarope
299Burchell’s Courserin SW Cape
300Temminck’s Courser
301Double-banded Courser
304Red-winged Pratincole
305Black-winged Pratincole
325Lesser Crested Tern
330Roseate Tern
334Damara Ternexcept De Mond
337Black Tern
358Green-spotted Dove
359Tambourine Dovewest of Agulhas / Stormsvlei
374European Cuckoo
375African Cuckoo
378Black Cuckoo
380Great Spotted Cuckoo
382Jacobin Cuckoo
384Emerald CuckooSWC atlas area
393Grass Owl
395Marsh Owl
402Giant Eagle Owl
404European Nightjar
406Rufous-cheeked Nightjar
408Freckled Nightjar
411European Swift
416Horus Swift
421Palm Swift
430Half-collared Kingfisher
436Grey-hooded Kingfisher
433Woodland Kingfisher
440Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
443White-fronted Bee-eater
445Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
446European Roller
447Lilac-breasted Roller
454Scimitar-billed Wood-hoopoe
460Crowned Hornbill
473Crested Barbet
478Sharp-billed Honeyguide
489Red-throated Wryneck
510Sclater’s Lark
527Lesser Striped Swallow
528South African Cliff Swallow
532Sand Martin
538Black Cuckooshrike
540Grey Cuckooshrike SWC atlas area
541Forktailed DrongoCape Peninsula
543European Golden Oriole
545Black-headed OrioleSWC atlas area
567Red-eyed BulbulSWC atlas area
582Sentinel Rock Thrush
619Garden Warbler
625Icterine Warbler
633European Marsh Warbler
634European Sedge Warbler
643Willow WarblerSWC atlas area
665Desert Cisticola
670Wailing Cisticola
679Lazy Cisticola
689Spotted Flycatcher
711African Pied Wagtail
714Yellow Wagtail
721Rock PipitSWC atlas area
731Lesser Grey Shrike
733Red-backed ShrikeSWC atlas area
764Glossy StarlingSWC atlas area
768Black-bellied StarlingSWC atlas area
793Collared Sunbird
796Orange River White-eye”
799White-browed Sparrow-weaver
804Grey-headed Sparrowwest of Agulhas / Stormsvlei
805Yellowthroated Sparrow
806Scalyfeathered Finch
807Thick-billed Weaver
808Forest Weaver
810Spectacled Weaver
821Red-billed QueleaSWC atlas area
840Blue-billed Firefinch
842Red-billed FirefinchSWC atlas area
856Red-headed FinchSWC atlas area
870Black-throated CanarySWC atlas area
876"Damara Canary"
884Golden-breasted Bunting
886Rock Bunting

National Rarities

Roberts No.Bird Species
2King Penguin
3.1Magellanic Penguin
3.2Gentoo Penguin
4Rockhopper Penguin
5Macaroni Penguin
9Royal Albatross
13Grey-headed Albatross
13.1Laysan Albatross
13.2Buller's Albatross
15Dark-mantled Sooty Albatross
16Light-mantled Sooty Albatross
20Antarctic Petrel
22Bulwer's Petrel
25White-headed Petrel
26Atlantic Petrel
28Blue Petrel
30Slender-billed Prion
31Fairy Prion
33Grey Petrel
39Little Shearwater
41Wedge-tailed Shearwater
43Leach’s Storm Petrel
45White-bellied Storm Petrel
46.1White-faced Storm Petrel
47Redtailed Tropicbird
48Whitetailed Tropicbird
48.1Redbilled Tropicbird
52.1Red-footed Booby
54Australasian Gannet
61Greater Frigatebird
xxSnowy Egret
xxWestern Reef Heron
69.1Little Blue Heron
111Northern Shoveller
122.1Rupell's Griffon
130Honey Buzzard
164European Marsh Harrier
174African Hobby
177Eleonora’s Falcon
225American Purple Gallinule
243Eurasian Oystercatcher
253Pacific Golden Plover
253.1American Golden Plover
265Green Sandpiper
267Spotted Redshank
268Common Redshank
270.1Lesser Yellowlegs
270.2Greater Yellowlegs
xxGreat Knot
276Red-necked Stint
277White-rumped Sandpiper
278Baird's Sandpiper
279Pectoral Sandpiper
282Buff-breasted Sandpiper
283Broad-billed Sandpiper
287Black-tailed Godwit
287.1Hudsonian Godwit
293Wilson's Phalarope
296Crab Plover
298Snowy Sheathbill
308Longtailed Skua
311South Polar Skua
313Lesser Black-backed Gull
317Franklin’s Gull
319Black-headed Gull
320Black-legged Kittiwake
332Sooty Tern
333Bridled Tern
340Common Noddy
341Lesser Noddy
439Olive Bee-eater
443.1White-throated Bee-eater
715Grey Wagtail