The Cape Bird Club

Junior Programme.


In future all outings will be combined with the adult Sunday outings - so look at the general monthly programme.

Previous outings

Sun 02 June  Strandfontein.
Sun 05 May  Eagle Encounters.
Sun 07 April  Hillcrest Farm.
Sun 03 March - 
Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works.
Sun 03 February - Intaka Island.
Sun 06 January -  Helderberg Nature Reserve.

Junior Birders Photo Gallery

photograph by Mathew Orolowitz

Malachite Kingfisher.


Mathew Orolowitz Photo Gallery.

Gallery 1. Gallery 2. Gallery 3. Gallery 4.
Gallery 5. Gallery 6. Gallery 7. -

The photo submitted to the African Birds and Birding.


16 December - Zandvlei Nature Reserve.
04 November - Rondevlei Boat Trip.
07 October (Sun) Rooi Els.
02 September (Sun)
Strandfontein IBA.
05 August (Sun) Nagenoeg Farm.
01 July (Sun) Helderberg Nature Reserve.
03 June (Sun) Kirstenbosch.
02 May (Sun) Eagle Encounters.
01 April (Sun) Paarl Bird Sanctuary.
04 March (Sun) Strandfontein IBA.

05 February
(Sun) Intaka Island.
January  -  No outing planned.

04 December (Sun) Kirstenbosch.
06 November
(Sun)  Goedeontmoeting Farm (near Philadelphia)
02 October
(Sun)  Philippi Ephemeral Wetlands
04 September (Sun)  Intaka Island
07 August
(Sun)  Paarl Mountain Wildflower Garden
03 July
(Sun)  Helderberg Nature Reserve
05 June
(Sun)  Paarl Bird Sanctuary
01 May
(Sun)  Strandfontein - IBA
03 April
(Sun)  Berg River Estuary Boat Trip 
06 March
(Sun) Jessie Waltons Private Bird Sanctuary
February (Sun) Strandfontein IBA

05 December (Sun) Clovelly Wetland Reserve

07 November
03 October (Sun)
Rondevlei Boat Trip
05 September (Sun) -
Le Verger
01 August (Sun) - Paarl Mountain Wildflower Garden.
04 July (Sun) - Sunbird Centre Walking Trail.
06 June (Sun) - Intaka Island.

02 May (Sun) - Eagle Encounters, Spier

04 April (Sun) - Berg River Boat Trip
07 March (Sun) -
07 Feb (Sun) - La Verga

06 Dec (Sun) Strandfontein.
1st Nov (Sun)
Sunbird Walking Trail.
4th Oct (Sun) 
Rondevlei Boat Trip.
6th Sept (Sun) Nagegoeg Farm.
2nd Aug (Sun) Intaka Island
5th July (Sun) Raapenberg Bird Hide
7th June (Sun) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden 

3rd May (Sun) Eagle Encounters

5th April (Sun)  Berg River Boat Trip

1st March  (Sun) Strandfontein Sewerage Works

1st Feb (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve

7th December (Sun) Paarl Bird Sanctuary
2nd November (Sun) Rondevlei Boat trip
10th October (Fri) Night walk in the Helderberg Nature Reserve

7th September (Sun) Cloteskraal
3rd August (Sun) Intaka Island
6th July (Sun) Kommetjie
1st June (Sun) Eagle Encounters, Spier Estate

4th May
(Sun) Silvermine Reserve

6th April (Sun) Research project at Rondevlei Nature Reserve
2nd March (Sun) Kirstenbosch
3rd February (Sun) Strandfontein WWTW

2nd December (Sun) Paarl Mountain Wildflower Garden
16th November (Sun) Night walk in the Helderberg Nature Reserve
7th October (Sun) Rondevlei Boat Trip
2nd September (Sun) Kuiperskraal Farm
5th August Constat\ntia Greenbelt
1st July
Cape Point Nature Reserve
3rd June Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
6th May
Private farm near Houhoek 
1st April Koeberg Nature Reserve
4th March G
4th February Strandfontein WWTW

3rd December Rondevlei Boat Trip
5th November Paarl Mountain Reserve
1st October Rooi Els
3rd September Rondevlei Boat Trip
6th August Silvermine east 
2nd July Strandfontein Waste Water Treatment Works 
4th June Wildevloevlei - Kommetjie changed to Zandvlei
7th May Paarl Bird Sanctuary
2nd April Intaka Island 
18th March West Coast National Park
5th March Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works 
5th February Helderberg Farm.
January No outing.

January No outing.
6th February Kommetjie
6th March Helderberg
3rd April went to Strandfontein, as Intaka Island is closed.
1st May Clovelly Wetland Reserve
5th June Eagle encounters Rehablitation Centre, Spier.
3rd July Paarl Bird Sanctuary.
14th August Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works.
4th September Edith Stephens Wetland Park.
2nd October Rondevlei Boat Trip 
6th  November Zandvlei Nature Reserve.
4th December Strandfontein Waste Water Treatment Works.

5th September Zandvlei Nature Reserve
3rd October Zandvlei Nature Reserve
10th October Rondevlei Boat trip
7th November Zandvlei Nature Reserve
14th November Sunbird Centre Walking Trail
5th December Durbanville Nature Reserve.


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