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59. April 2017 Monthly Report.Vuture Pro.
58.Black Harrier Research Newsletter 01 April 2017.Rob Simmons.
57.Table Bay Nature Reserve 1Q 2017 report.Koos Retief.
56.IBA Status Reports for purchase.B.L.S.A.
55. March 2017 Monthly Report.Vuture Pro.
54. February 2017 Monthly Report.Vuture Pro.
53. Annual Report.
Vuture Pro.
December 2016 Monthly Report.Vuture Pro.
51. December 2016 Newsletter.Vuture Pro.
50. November 2016 Monthly Report.Vuture Pro.
49. November 2016 Captive Breeding Summary.
Vuture Pro.
48.Table Bay Nature Reserve 4Q 2016 report.Koos Retief.
47.The Greater Honeyguide Reciprocal signalling and innate recognition of a Honey Badger.John E Fincham, Richard Peek and Miles B Markus. follow Karen Watkins. follow Les Underhill. follow Karen Watkins.
43.Flamingo movements amaze scientists in 2016.Constant Hoogstad.
42.The Saddlebilled Stork and the Redbilled Teal.supplied by John E Fincham. followJohn Fincham.
40.False Bay Nature Reserve 2Q 2016 report.Asieff Kahn.
39.The Pied Crows of the Karoo.John E Fincham and Peter Nupen.
38.Temmerick Stint visiting Strandfontein in November 2016 report.Karen Watkins.
37.The Yellow Wagtail visiting Mouille Point beach in January 2016.John Fincham.
36.The intelligence of crows is known by us humans.supplied by Barry Cleveland. followJohn E Fincham, Ronelle Visagie,
Les G Underhill, Brooks and Miles B Markus. followCape Bird Club.
33.The Snowy Egret visiting the Black River in June 2015.Otto Schmidt.
32.RAMSAR Award for Strandfontein in February 2015.Sue Matthews.
31.The Friends of Princessvlei Fight of Dreans - saving the birds April 2015.Gavin Lawson. followKaren Watkins. follow followKaren Watkins.
27.An imprint of a Cape Turtle Dove on a window pane.Gavin Lawson.
26.The very pale Red capped Lark.John Fincham. followfrom the owlpages website.
24.How to identify Mallards.City of Cape Town. followWilliam McIntosh. followDeneys Reitz author of Commando. followDeneys Reitz author of Commando. follow Deneys Reitz author of Commando. followJohn Fincham & Nollie Lambrechts.
19.Stop feeding the birds.Louise Stafford. followAnne Gray. followHolger Rust. follow followAnn Koeslag.
14.Secretarybird research help needed.Ernst Retief. follow
12.Fynbos and Grasslands.Brian Huntley and Phoebe Barnard.
11.The City of Cape Town House Crow Report December 2012. City of Cape Town. follow E. Oettle and F. Meyer.
9.Anne Gray receives a WESSA Award.Karen Watkins. follow followEvanne Rothwell. followJohn Clements. followEric Barnes. followFrank Wygold. followLucia Rodrigues. follow followJan Myburgh - gave John Fincham permission to distribute the article .