The Cape Bird Club

Edith Stephens Wetland Park

This is a working partnership with a number of NGO's and the City of Cape Town.

Dr Doug Harebottle demonstrating bird ringing to UCT and LEAP high school students in May 2015.

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Beginings of the Cape Flats Bird Club at Edith Stephens Wetland Park on 10 May 2008.

photograph by Doug Harebottle                                photograph by Doug Harebottle

Stacy-Anne Michaels                                  Dave Whitelaw

Read about what took place.

Birding at Edith Stephens

There are varied habitats for birds, including a detention pond and seasonal wetland. Ibises, Egrets and Cormorants come to roost in numbers on islands in the retention dam, and waterbird species including White-backed Duck occupy the open water. The seasonal wetland appears lifeless in summer, but with the winter rains it becomes home to birds including African and Painted Snipe.

Read how Doug Harebottle and Marius Wheeler found the nest, the article is in the November 2004 Promerops.

photograph by Doug Harebottle

The first African Snipe nest found at Edith Stephens.

Background to the Edith Stephens Wetland Park

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photograph by Collin Baxter

Kelp Gull.

See more bird photographs at Edith Stephens by Collin Baxter.


How to get involved;

  • Contact Stacy-Anne Michaels  - Environmental Education Officer

Edith Stephens Wetland Park, Lansdowne Rd, Philippi.
Cape Town, Nature Conservation
P.O. Box 825, Westgate Mall, 7785

(w) 021 691 7137
(f2email) 086 576 1832
(m) 082 622 0473


How to get there.


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