The Cape Bird Club

Western Cape Rarities Committee - Mission

photograph by Mike Buckham

Black Stork

The mission is to evaluate any claim of an ‘out of range’ or rare bird in the Western Cape province. By publishing accepted records in Promerops, birders, conservationists and researchers can treat these records as confirmed and use them to further understand the changing distribution of birds, whether they are keeping Western Cape lists or doing research on climate change.

The list of ‘regional rarities’ that we evaluate can be found below. There were many records of birds that were formally considered rarities in the Western Cape. These species, listed below, are now considered more regular and therefore rarity forms are no longer requested.

Goliath Heron
White-faced Duck
Hottentot Teal
African Jacana
Southern Grey-headed Sparrow

To submit records directly;        updated 29/08/2012.

When wanting a Western Cape Rarity to be evalauted is to submit it as an incidental to SABAP 2 by filling in this online form where it will be evaluated: 


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