The Cape Bird Club


Plenty of activities - almost one outing per week for the year.  Lots to see, lots to do.

Share your photos and a synopsis from your outings with those who could not get there.
Send the details to  Gavin Lawson

photograph by Linda McIntosh.

CBC members on an outing to the Zandvlei Nature Reserve in January 2016.



Sun 17 July Rooiels, Stony Point and Harold Porter Botanical Gardens
Leader John Magner  082 881 3845

Wed 27 July Macassar Wastewater Treatment Works
Leader Simon Fogarty  021 701 6303


Previous outings

Sat 02 July False Bay Ecology Park / Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sun 19 June Birding at Spier
Fri 10 June Kenilworth Racecourse
Sat 04 June False Bay Ecology Park / Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sun 15 May Tygerberg Nature Reserve
Wed 11 May Intaka Island
Sat 07 May False Bay Ecology Park / Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Wed 20 April SANCCOB
Sun 17 April Driftsands Nature Reserve 
Sat 02 April False Bay Ecology Park / Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sun 20 March Koeberg Nature Reserve
Tues 15 March Silvermine Nature Reserve
Sat 05 March False Bay Ecology Park / Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sun 14 February West Coast National Park
Tues 09 February False Bay Nature Reserve / Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sat 06 February Rondevlei
Tues 19 January Kirstenbosch Gardens
Sun 17 January Zandvlei Nature Reserve  
There was no Rondevlei outing in January

Sat 05 December Rondevlei
Wed 18 November Eagle Encounters Spier
Sun 15 November Keurbos Nursery, Elgin
Sat 07 November Rondevlei
Tues 20 October Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 18 October Tienie Versveld Nature Reserve and Yserfontein Salt Pans
Sat 03 October Rondevlei
Sun 20 September Pearl Valley Golf Estate, Paarl 
Thurs 17 September Kommetjie
Sat 05 September Rondevlei
Tues 18 August Two Rivers Urban Park 
Sun 16 August Koeberg Private Nature Reserve
Sat 01 August Rondevlei  - Cancelled.
Wed 22 July
Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works  
Sun 19 July Rooiels and Harold Porter National Botanical Garden
Sat 04 July Rondevlei
Sun 21 June Birding in the Swartland
Thur 18 June Kenilworth Race Course 
Sat 06 June Rondevlei
Sun 17 May Tygerberg Nature Reserve

Wed 13 May Intaka Island
Sat 02 May Rondevlei
Sun 19 April Driftsands Nature Reserve 
Wed 15 April Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Sat 04 April Rondevlei
Sun 15 March West Coast National Park
Wed 11 March Lower Tokai Park
Sat 07 March Rondevlei
Thurs 19 February False Bay Ecology Park / Strandfontein Birding Area.
Sun 15 February Assegaaibosch, Stellenbosch
Sat 07 February Rondevlei
Tues 20 January Die Hel, Constantia
Sun 18 January Zandvlei Nature Reserve
There was no Rondevlei outing in January.

Sat 06 December Rondevlei
Wed 19 November Silvermine Sunbird Centre

Sun 16 November Clara Anna Fontein Private Game Reserve, Durbanville
Sat 01 November Rondevlei
Sun 19 October Eerste River Ramble
Wed 08 October
Athlone Waste Water Treatment Works
Sat 04 October Rondevlei
Sun 28 September Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve
Tues 09 September Jonkersdam (Glencairn)
Sat 06 September Rondevlei
Sun 17 August Tienie Versveld Reserve and Darling area
Thur 14 August Wildevloelvlei
Sat 02 August Rondevlei
Sun 20 July Paarl Bird Sanctuary
Fri 11 July Rietvlei Wetland Reserve
Sat 08 July Rondevlei
Sun 22 June Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve
Tue 13 June Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sat 07 June Rondevlei
Sun 18 May Harold Porter Nature Reserve and Environs
Tue 13 May Intaka Island
Sat 03 May Rondevlei
Sat 12 April Birdathon at Zeekoevlei
Tue 08 April Macassar WWTW and Paardevlei
Sat 05 April Rondevlei
Sun 30 March West Coast National Park
Thur 13 March Cape Point Vineyards
Sat 01 March  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 16 February Durbanville Hills
Tues 11 February Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sat 01 February  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 19 January Rocher Pan
Fri 17 January Rietvlei Wetland Reserve
Sat 04 January  Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

Tues 10 December  Helderberg Nature Reserve, Somerset West
Sat 07 December  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Fri 22 November Silvermine Sunbird Centre
Sun 17 November Foxenberg Nature Reserve, Wellington
Sat 03 November  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 20 October Philippi Wetlands and Vaderlandse Rietvlei
Wed 09 October  a special visit to Strandfontein Birding Area

Tues 08 October Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works
Sat 05 October  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 15 September Sir Lowrys Pass
Tues 10 September Jonkersdam (Glencairn)
Sat 07 September  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 19 August Tienie Versveld Nature Reserve
Thurs 08 August Wildevoelvlei
Sat 03 August  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 21 July  Paarl Bird Sanctuary
Fri 19 July  Rietvlei Wetland Reserve
Sat 06 July  Rondevlei Nature Reserve
Sun 23 June   Good Hope Nature Reserve
Wed 12 June  Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sat 01 June  Rondevlei
Sun 19 May   Tokai Forest and Arboretum
Wed 15 May  Intaka Island
Sat 04 May  Rondevlei
Sun 28 April   Welbedacht Nature Reserve, Tulbach
Wed 17 April  Helderberg Nature Reserve
Sat 06 April  Rondevlei
Sun 17 March  West Coast Natiional Park
Wed 13 March  Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Sat 02 March  Rondevlei
Sun 17 February Mountain Mist Retreat, Aurora.
Wed 13 February Strandfontein Sewerage Works
Sat 02  February  Rondevlei
Sun 20 January  Rockhaven Farm, Porterville.
Fri 18 January   Rietvlei Wetlands Reserve
Sat 05 January  Rondevlei

Sun 16 December  Breakfast Outing Zandvlei Nature Reserve.
Sat 08 December  Witsands Aquifer Nature Reserve
Sat 01 December  Rondevlei
Sun 18 November  Porcupine Hills Guest Farm, Theewaterskloof
Tues 06 November  Silvermine Sunbird Centre
Sat 03 November  Rondevlei
Fri 26 October   Cape Point Vineyards, Noordhoek
Sun 21 October   Bergsig Estate in the Breedekloof Valley & Rawsonville Area
Sat 06 October Rondevlei
Tues 2 October  Jonkersdam (Glencairn)
Sun 16 September Philippi Wetlands and Vaderlandsche Rietvlei
Mon 10 September
Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works
Sat 01 September Rondevlei
Sun 19 August Blaauberg Conservation Area
Tues 07 August  Die Oog
Sat 04 August Rondevlei
Sun 15 July Foxenberg Nature Reserve, Wellington.
Tues 10 July Wildevloevlei, Kommetjie
Sat 07 July Rondevlei
Sun 17 June Paternoster and vicinity 
Tues 12 June Milnerton Racecourse Nature Reserve

Sat 02 June Rondevlei
Sun 20 May Diemersfontein Farm, Wellington
Tues 08 May Intaka Island (Blouvlei - Century City)
Sat 05 May Rondevlei
Sun 22 April Harold Porter Botanical Gardens, Betty's Bay and Rooisand Nature Reserve
Wed 11 April Tokai Forest and Arboretum
Sat 07 April Rondevlei
Sun 18 March West Coast National Park
Tues 06 March Kenilworth Race Course
Sat 03 March Rondevlei
Sun 19 February Koeberg Nature Reserve
Tues 7 February Helderberg Farm, Stellenbosch
Sat 04 February Rondevlei
Tues 17 January Rietvlei Wetland Reserve
Sun 15 January Assegaaibos, Stellenbosch
Sat 07 January Rondevlei

Fri 16 December Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 11 December Porcupine Hills Guest Farm, Theewaterskloof
Tues 06 December Durbanville Nature Reserve     updated 09/02/2016.
Sat 03 December Rondevlei
Sun 20 November Restanwold Farm, Elgin

Tues 08 November Rooiels

Sat 05 November Rondevlei
Sun 16 October Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve
Wed 12 October Philippi Wetlands
Sat 01 October Rondevlei
Sun 25 September Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 18 September
Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve
Tues 13 September Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Sat 03 September Rondevlei
Sun 21 August Karoo National Botanical Gardens, Worcester
Tues 16 August Macassar Waste Water Works
Sat 06 August Rondevlei
Sun 17 July
Helderberg Nature Reserve
Tues 05 June Silvermine Sunbird Centre
Sat 02 July Rondevlei
Sun 26 June Winter outing to Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 26 June Special outing to Robben Island
Sun 19 June Spier, Eagle Encounters
Tues 14 June Cape Point Vineyards, Noordhoek
Sat 04 June Rondevlei
Sun 15 May Birding in the Swartland - Durbanville, Wellington, Malmesbury areas
Tues 10 May Intaka Island, Centuary City (Blouvlei)
Sat 07 May Rondevlei
Sun 17 April Berg River Dam  (Franshoek)
Wed 13 April Strandfontein Waste Water Treatment Works
Sat 02 April Rondevlei
Sun 27 March Zandvlei Nature Reserve

Sun 13 March Berg River Boat Trip
Thur 10 March Paarl Bird Sanctuary
Sat 05 March Rondevlei
Sun 20 February West Coast National Park
Sat 05 February Rondevlei
Thur 03 February Koeberg Nature Reserve
Sun 16 January Rondekuil and Goedeontmoeting, Durbanville area.
Wed 05 January Die Oog Bird Sanctuary

Tues 16 December Breakfast outing, Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Tues 12 December Darling Hills Road, Tienie Versveld Nature Reserve and Yzerfontein
Tues 07 December Newlands Forest
Sat 04 December Rondevlei
Sun 14 November Haute Espoir Wine Farm, Franshoek
Tues 09 November Nagenoeg Farm, Spier
Sat 06 November Rondevlei
Wed 20 October Rondevlei Boat Trip
Sun 17 October Philippi Wetlands and Vaderlandsche Rietvlei
Sat 09 October Rondevlei Boat Trip
Tues 07 October Jonkersdam, Glencairn
Sat 02 October Rondevlei
Sun 26 September Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 19 September Mooiplaas, Bottelary Hills, Stellenbosch
Sat 11 September Rondevlei Boat Trip
Tues 07 September  Kommetjie
Sat 04 September Rondevlei
Sun 15 August Rocklands Farm, Klipheuwel area
Sat 07 August Rondevlei
Tues 03 August Intaka Island, Centuary City (Blouvlei)
Sun 18 July Iziko SA Museum, Cape Town
Tues 06 July Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works
Sat 03 July  Rondevlei
Sun 27 June Quarterly outing: Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 20 June Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve - Seabird Watch
Tues 08 June Helderberg Nature Reserve
Sat 05 June Rondevlei
Sun 16 May Diepriver Farm and Kalbaskraal
Thurs 06 May Jonkersdam, Glencairn
Sat 01 May  Rondevlei 
Sun 28 April Zevenwacht Wine Estate and Langverwacht Farm, Kuils River
Tues 13 April  Strandfontein WWTW
Sat 03 April  Rondevlei
Sun 28 March Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 21 March West Coast National Park
Tues 09 March  Kirstenbosch
Sat 06 March  Rondevlei
Sun 21 February  Newlands Forest
Tues 09 February  Silvermine Sunbird Centre
Sat 06 February  Rondevlei 
Sun 17 January  Paarl Bird Sanctuary.

Wed 16 December  Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 13 December  Darling Hills Road 
Sat 05 December  Rondevlei
Sun 15 Nov  Dassieshoek Nature Reserve, Robertson. 

Sat  07 Nov Rondevlei.
Thurs  05 Nov  Intaka Island, Blouvlei,Century City.
Sat 24 Oct Rondevlei Boat Trip.

Wed 14 Oct 
Rietvlei & SANCOB.  

Sat 03 Oct  Rondevlei Boat Trip.
Sat 03 Oct  Rondevlei.
Sun 27 Sept  Zandvlei Nature Reserve.
Sun 20 Sept  Cloeteskraal and Berg River mudflats.
Sat 12 Sept  Rondevlei Boat Trip.
Tues 08 Sept  Jonkersdam (Glencairn).
Sat 05  Sept  Rondevlei.
Wed 02 Sept Rondevlei Boat Trip.
Sun 16 Aug  Karoo National Botanic Gardens, Worcester.

Wed 12 Aug  Helderberg Nature Reserve.

Sat 1 Aug  Rondevlei.
Thurs 23 July  Koeberg Nature Reserve.
Sun 19 July West Coast Field Study Centre  (Zoarvlei).
Sat  4  July  Rondevlei.
Sun 28 June  Zandvlei Nature Reserve.
Sun 21 June Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve Seabird Watch.
Tues 9  June Meulwater Wild Flower Reserve, Paarl.
Sat  6  June Rondevlei.
Thurs  28 May Silvermine Nature Reserve. 
Sun  17 May Berg River Dam.
Sat  2 May Rondevlei. 
Sun  19 April Nagenoeg Farm.
Wed  8 April Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works.
Sat  4 April Rondevlei
Sun  22 March  Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Sun 15 March West Coast National Park
Sat  7 March Rondevlei
3rd March Tokai Plantation
15th February (Sun) Newlands Forest
7th February  (Sat) Rondevlei
4th February (Wed) Strandfontein
18th January (Sun) Delheim Estate
3rd January (Sat) Rondevlei

16th December (Tues) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
6th December (Sat) Rondevlei
16th November (Sun) Rooiels / Hangklip / Harold Porter
14th - 16th November (Fri - Sun) Diamond Birding Big Day at the West Coast National Park.
4th November (Tues) Intaka Island, Blouvlei (Centuary City)
1st November (Sat) Rondevlei
30th October (Thur) Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
19th October (Sun) Mud River, Darling area
4th October (Sat) Rondevlei
1st October (Wed) Rondevlei Boat Trip
28th September (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
21st September (Sun) Paarl Bird Sanctuary 
13th September (Sat) Rondevlei Boat Trip
10th September (Wed) Silvermine Nature Reserve
7th September (Sun) Special Delheim Wine Estate outing 
6th September (Sat) Rondevlei
30th August (Sat) Rondevlei Boat Trip
17th August (Sun) Raptor Rehabilitation Centre, Spier Estate
9th August (Sat) Rondevlei
6th August (Wed) Kommetjie (Kom and Lighthouse)
5th July (Sat) Rondevlei
26th June (Thur) Rondevlei Nature Reserve
22nd June (Sun) Tygerberg Nature Reserve
7th June (Sat) Rondevlei
18th  May (Sun) Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

13th May (Tues) Macasser Waste Water Treatment Works
3rd  May (Sat) Rondevlei
28th  April (Mon) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
20th  April (Sun) Helderberg Nature Reserve
8th  April (Tues) Tokai Plantation (Arboretum)
5th  April (Sat) Rondevlei
30th March (Sun) Geelbek, West Coast National Park
11th March (Tues) Strandfontein
1st  March (Sat) Rondevlei
24th February (Sun) Newlands Forest
7th February (Thur) Imhoff's Gift / Klein Slangkop
2nd February (Sat) Rondevlei
5th January (Sat) Rondevlei


17th December (Mon) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
1st December (Sat) Rondevlei
25th November (Sun) Harold Porter Gardens, Betty's Bay
6th November (Tues) Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
3rd November (Sat) Rondevlei
21st October (Sun) Paarl Bird Sanctuary
16th October (Tues) Rondevlei
6th October (Sat) Rondevlei
4th October (Thur) Edith Stephens Wetland Park (Philippi)
30th September (Sun) Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve
15th and 22nd September (Sat) Rondevlei
19th September (Wed) Kenilworth Racecource

16th September (Sun) Blouvlei (Intaka Island) Century City
4th September (Tues) Constantia Greenbelt (Price Drive)
1st September (Sat) Rondevlei
26th August (Sun) Tienie Versveld Nature Reserve / Yzerfontein
4th August (Sat) Rondevlei
2nd August (Thurs) Newlands Forrest
7th July (Sat) Rondevlei
24th June (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
20th June (Wed) Rondevlei Nature Reserve
17th June (Sun) Fynbos Mountain Retreat (Malmesbury)
2nd June (Sat) Rondevlei 
20th May (Sun) Paarl Mountain Reserve
8th May (Tues) Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works
5th May (Sat) Rondevlei 
15th April (Sun) Helderberg Nature Reseve
7th April (Sat) Rondevlei
3rd April (Tues) Silvermine Nature Reserve
25th March (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
18th March (Sun) Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve Stellenbosch
7th March (Wed) Strandfontein Waste Water Treatment Works
3rd March (Sat) Rondevlei
18th February (Sun) Koeberg Nature Reserve
6th February (Tues) Jonkersdam (Glencairn)
3rd February (Sat) Wellington (Kestrel Roost)
3rd February (Sat) Rondevlei
6th January (Sat) Rondevlei


16th December (Sat) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
9th December (Sat) Sunset at the Lourens River Estuary
2nd December (Sat) Rondevlei
19th November (Sun) Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve
9th November (Thur) Wildevoelvlei
4th November (Sat) Rondevlei
19th October (Thurs) Constantia
15th October (Sun) Kuiperskraal Farm, Durbanville
7th October (Sat) Hartenberg Wine estate, Koelenhof
30th September (Sat) Rondevlei
25th September (Mon) Park Island, Marina da Gama - Zandvlei
16th September (Sat) Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve - Nuy Heronry, Robertson
5th September (Tues) Edith Stephens Wetland Park
2nd September (Sat) Rondevlei
20th August (Sun)  Spier Estate Eagle Encounters

15th August (Tues)  De Hel Constantia
5th August  (Sat) Rondevlei  

1st July  (Sat) Rondevlei  
25th June (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
18th June (Sun) Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve
6th June (Tues) Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
3rd June (Sat) Rondevlei
21st May (Sun) Paarl Bird Sanctuary
11th May (Thur) Silvermine Nature Reserve
6th May (Sat) Rondevlei outing
23rd April (Sun) Sir Lowrys Pass / Rooiels
6th April (Thur) Tygerberg Nature Reserve
1st April (Sat) Rondevlei outing
26th March (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
19th March (Sun) West Coast National Park
8th March (Wed) Strandfontein Sewerage Works
4th March (Sat) Rondevlei outing
16th February (Thur) Tokai Plantation
4th February (Sat) Wellington (Kestrel Roost)
4th February (Sat) Rondevlei outing
7th January (Sat) Rondevlei outing


8th January  (Sat) Rondevlei
5th February (Sat) Rondevlei
20th February (Sun) Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works
24th February (Thurs) Kirstenbosch Gardens for Raptors
5th March (Sat) Rondevlei
8th March (Tues)  Paarl Bird Sanctuary
20th March (Sun) Geelbek West Coast National Park
2nd April (Sat) Rondevlei
3rd April (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
5th April (Tues) Strandfontein Sewerage Works
17th April (Sun) Berg River Boat Trips
7th May (Sat)
15th May (Sun) Koeberg Power Station Nature Reserve
19th May (Thurs) Tygerberg Nature Reserve
4th June (Sat) Rondevlei
14th June (Tues) Helderberg Mature Reserve
19th June (Sun) Weltevrede Farm, Paarl
26th June (Sun) Zandvlei Nature Reserve
2nd July (Sat) Rondevlei 
6th August (Sat) Rondevlei
21st August (Sun) Blaauberg Conservation Area
3rd September (Sat) Rondevlei
10th & 17th (Sat) and 25th (Sun) September  Rondevlei Boat Trips
15th September (Thurs) Edith Stephens Wetland Park
18th September (Sun) Calendon Wild Flower Garden
29th September (Thur) Zandvlei Nature Reserve 
1st October (Sat) Rondevlei
8th & 9th October  (Sat & Sun)  Rondevlei Boat Trips,
16th October (Sun) Tienie Versveld Nature Reserve and Yzerfontein,
22nd October (Sat)  Rondevlei Boat Trips
25th October (Tues)  Paarl Mountain Reserve,
5th November (Sat) Rondevlei,
8th November (Tues) De Hel (Constantia),
12th November (Sat) Rondevlei Boat Trip,
20th November (Sun) Harold Porter Botanical Garden, Bettys Bay 
3rd December (Sat) Rondevlei outing
3rd December  (Sat)  Rondevlei Boat Trips,
16th December (Fri) Breakfast Outing to Zandvlei Nature Reserve


4th September (Saturday), Rondevlei
11th September (Saturday), Pampoenvlei and Groote Post
14th September (Tuesday), Cape Flats Nature Reserve, UWC, Belville
19th September (Sunday), Zandvlei Nature Reserve
18th and 25th September (Saturday), Rondevlei Nature Reserve
2nd October (Saturday), Rondevlei
5th October (Tuesday), Clovelly Wetland
9th and 10th October (Saturday and Sunday), Rondevlei
17th October (Sunday), Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus
23rd October (Saturday), Rondevlei
6th November (Saturday), Rondevlei
3th and 27th November (Saturdays), Rondevlei
18th November (Thursday), Blouvlei - Century City

21st November (Sunday)  Raptor Rehabilitation Centre, Spier 'Eagle Encounters'
27th November (Saturday), Birding Big Day
4th December (Sat) Rondevlei
11th December (Sat) Rondevlei Boat Trip
16th December (Thurs)  Breakfast Outing to Zandvlei Nature Reserve


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