The Cape Bird Club

Monthly Meetings

Evening Meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 20h00, we meet at;

The Nassau Centre,
Groote Schuur High School,
Palmyra Road, Newlands.

Visitors and non - members, are very welcome, tea and biscuits are served afterwards.



Thurs 08 September Fund Raising Event at The Threatre on the Bay.

                 Joseph and the Amazing Techiclour Dreamcoat.

Book now, contact Joy Fish  or Barbara Jones

Thurs 13 October Nomads of Namibia by Gerald Wingate.

Thurs 10 November Costa Rican Birding Adventure by Vernon Head and Johan Schlebusch.


Previous Meetings

Thurs 11 August Birds and Mammals of India by Clifford Dorse.
Thurs 14 July Birds of KwaZulu Natal
by Cathy Jenkins.
Thurs 09 June Birding from Alaska to Argentina
by Pieter van Oudtshoorn.
Thurs 12 May Cycling the World for Birds by Eric Hermann
Thurs 14 April  AGM and Stepping stones through fragmented environments
by Bongani Mnisi.
Thurs 10 March 
Garden Birds Project by Anina Heystek.
Thurs 11 February  Fascinating Fynbos: Ecology and conservation by Sean Privett.
Thurs 14 January  Concerving the Cape Vulture in the Western Cape by Kevin Shaw.

Thurs 10 December  Annual Celebration and Quiz Evening at the Pinelands Town Hall.
Wed 11 November  Fundraiser Event - An Audience with Pieter Dirk Eish at the Theatre on the Bay.
Thurs 08 October  Martial Eagle Project - Kruger National Park by Rowen van Eeden
Thurs 10 September  Tweeting the day away by Brian Vanderwalt and Gerald Wingate
Thurs 13 August  Invasive species love the hustle and bustle of City life by Ulrike Irlich
Thurs 09 July  Birding North of our borders by Harold Bloch.
Thurs 11 June  The Birding Adventure to Sri Lanka 2015 by Vernon Head and Mel Tripp.
Thurs 14 May Tinkering about in Mozambique by Otto Schmidt.
Thurs 09 April  Madagascar: An Evolutionary Time Warp by Ian Sinclair.
Thurs 12 March  AGM with The Richtersveldt is not only for the tough by Heather Howell.
Minutes of the 2014 AGM.     Chairmans Report.      Conservation Committee Chairmans Report.

Thurs 12 February  The Green Kgalagadi by John Magner.
Thurs 08 January  Raptor Rehabilitation by Hank Chalmers.

Thurs 04 December  The Sound of Laughter with Alan Committie, The Theatre on the Bay, Camps Bay.
Thurs 13 November  A Quizz Evening with a Difference at the Pinelands Town Hall.

Thurs 02 October  An update on BirdLife SA's, Western Cape Conservation Programme by Dale Wright.
Thurs 11 September  Around the World in 80 birds by Trevor Hardaker.
Thurs 14 August  Honey Bees by Jenny Cullinan.
Thurs 10 July  Crows and Craftiness are Pied Crows a threat to our biodiversity? by Chrissie Madden.
Thurs 12 June  The bird that cried Wolf by Dr Tom Flower.
Thurs  08 May  The Cape Bird Club's Ghana Adventure by Otto Schmidt.
Thurs 10 April  Shared moments with Hornbills of Southern Africa by Prof. Morne du Plessis.
Thurs 06 March AGM and
Twenty five years of conservation – what we have learnt by Dave Whitelaw.
Minutes of the 2013 AGM.     Chairmans Report.     Conservation Committee Chairmans Report.
Thurs 13 February The Birds of Ancient Egypt by John Lombard.
Thurs 09 January The Philippi Horticultural Area - a wetland in crisis by Nazeer Sonday.

Thurs 05 December Members evening and Year end Party.
Thurs 14 November The Birds of Thailand by Trevor Hardaker.
Thurs 03 October 
Kwazulu Natal's Birding Hotspots by Gerald Wingate.
Thurs 12 September The CBC -  Ecuador Adventure - Part 2  by Mel Tripp and Vernon Head.
Thurs 01 August   The CBC -  Ecuador Adventure - Part 1  by Otto Schmidt.
Thurs 11 July   Tortoises, Turtles and Terrapins  by  Dr Ernst Baard.
Thurs 13 June   Phenomenal Frogs of the Western Cape  by Cliff Dorse.
Thurs 09 May   Celebrating 20 years of counting big birds in motor cars  by Donella Young.
Thurs 11 April   Birds of  California  by Vincent Ward.
Thurs 14 March   Annual General Meeting and Nesting Secrets of Black Sparrowhawks.
Minutes of the 2012 AGM.     Chairmans Report.     Conservation Committee Chairmans Report.
Thurs 14 February  uPHOLI want a forest by Dr. Rutledge S. Boyes.
Thurs 10 January   Climate change and the Kalahari: how do desert birds respond to the heat?
by Dr. Susan Cunningham.

Thurs 6 December Our Members’ Evening and Year End Celebration.
Thurs 8 November Adventures in search of Nocturnal Birds by John Carlyon.
Thurs 4 October BIRDLIFE SA’s Imortant Bird Area (IBA) Programme by Dale Wright.
Thurs 13 September Waders, Nature's International Globe Trotters by Kate Robinson.
Thurs 02 August  The art of Bird Photography by Peter Steyn.
Thurs 12 July  In search of the elusive African Pitta by Otto Schmidt.
Thurs 14 June  Black Eagles by Lucia Rodrigues
Thurs 10 May  What a way to spend Christmas by Dr Dave Whitelaw.
Thurs 12 April  A selection of birds in India by Cathy Jenkins.
Thurs 08 March  AGM and Conservation of Ludwigs Bustard by Jessica Shaw.
The Chairmans Report and the Conservation Committee, Chairmans Report.
Thurs 09 February  A Western Pacific Odyssey by John Graham.
Thurs 12 January  Tricky Birds by Brian Vanderwalt and Gerald Wingate.

Thurs 08 December  Members Evening and Year End Party.
Thurs 10 November  Ethiopia by Johan Schlebusch and Otto Schmidt.
Thurs 6 October  Betty's Bay Oystercathers by Richard and Sara Starke
Thurs 08 September  Images of India by Dick Bos
Thurs 11 August  Chile - Exploring the high Andes and Patagonian Steppes by John Graham
Thurs 14 July Sensory systems of probe - foraging birds by Susan Cunningham
Thurs 09 June Angola Bird Conservationand Research by Michael Mills
Thurs 12 May Fynbos Fire by David Whitelaw
Thurs 14 April  The Galapagos - an endenmics adventure by Vernon Head and Mel Tripp
Thurs 10 March  The CBC - AGM - and IBO Island, Mozambique by Marje and Jonathan Hemp
Draft Minutes of AGM 2010.    Chairmans Report.    Conservation Chairmans Report.
Thurs 10 February The Butterfly Atlas Project by Dr Silvina Mecenero.
Thurs 13 January The hand rearing of Penguin chicks by Dr Nola Parsons.

Thurs 09 December  Members evening and Year end Party 
Thurs 11 November  Avian sex: Honesty or Deception by Prof. Phil Hockey
Thurs 14 October  Whats in a feather by Brian Vanderwalt and Gerald Wingate
Thurs 09 September  Renosterveld, Wine farming and Conservation by Tielman Roos and Joan Isham
Thurs 12 August  Renosterveld by Marius Kieck
Thurs 08 July  Ecology of Weavers by Dr Dieter Oschadleus
Thurs 10 June  Malawi Birding by Jonathan Kemp.
Thurs 13 May  Black Sparrowhawks by Ann Koeslag.
Thurs 8 April  Bird Migration by Dr. Dieter Oschaleus.
Thurs 11 March  AGM and talk by Vivane Barquete on Pelagic Birds.
Draft Minutes of AGM 2009.    Chairmans Report.   Conservation Chairmans Report.

Thurs 11 February  Grassland management by Ian Little.
Thurs 14 January   Penguins and their spots by Richard Shirley.

Thurs 10 December  Members evening & Year End  Party
Thurs 12 November 
Game capture and relocation by Justin Bucmann.
Thurs 8 October  A delight of Owls by Peter Steyn.
Thurs 10 September  A birding passage to India by John Bowman.
Tues  25 August  Save the Flamingo by Mark Anderson.

Thur 9 July  What does BirdLife SA mean to the Cape Bird Club? by Caroline Ah Shene.
Thur 11 June  Birding in Tanzania by Mel Tripp and Vernon Head.
Thur  14 May  Celebrating Charles Darwin by Prof George Branch.
Thur  2 April  CBC Trip to Madagascar by Willene van der Merwe.
Thur 12 March AGM. Heather Howell will give a short talk on Owls. 
Minutes of the 2008 AGM     Chairmans Report
12th February The Language of Birds by Anthony van Zyl
8th January Birds of Australia - Part 2 by Otto Schmidt

11th December Diamond Year end Wrap-up Party
13th November  An introduction to P.G and a Rondevlei update by Penny Glanville
9th October Wirebirds and Frigatebirds - Voyageto St Helena and Assension by Peter Steyn
11th September Fitzroy to Lockroy - an Antartic Adventure by Jonathan Hemp
14th August Madagascar through a looking glass by Ian Sinclair
10th July How different are the Birds of Australia by Otto Schmidt
12th June Tracking the Albatros by Samantha Petersen.
8th May CBC - Diamond Anniversary celebration.

10th April  Owls by Geoff Lockwood. 
14th - 16th March BLSA - AGM, in Hermanus.

13th March CBC - AGM, and presentation Raptor Episodes by Dr Andrew Jenkins.
Chairmans annual report   and   Conservation Chairmans report
7th February The African Penguin by Heather Howell.
10th January Antartic Impressions by Peter Steyn.

6th December Members evening and Year End Celebration.
8th Nov Kamfers Dam and the conservation of Lesser Flamingos in southern Africa by Mark Anderson
11th October A base-line study of the biodiversity of the north eastern DRC by Dalton Gibbs
13th September Poles apart by Dr Frank Hallet
2nd August The Albatross Task Force - at sea and on land by Meidad Goren
12th July The migrating Kestrel Project by Anthony van Zyl
7th June An introduction to the new Bird Atlas Project by Les Underhill
10th May African Penguins of Dyer Island by Lauren Waller.
12th April Verreaux's Eagles of the Cape by Lucia Rodrigues.

8th March AGM & "A tale of 2 1/2 Islands Research & life on South Africas guano islands" by Vince Ward
Chairman's 2006 - 2007 Report
8th February Birding in KZN is fabulous by Helen Fenwick
11th January "What's so bad about House Crows?" by Dalton Gibbs

7th December Year End Celebration and fun at the Nassau Centre.
9th November Birds and the Environmental Change by Phoebe Barnard.
12th October A bumper summer in Namibia by Otto Schmidt 
14th September A Mega Birding trip to Venezuela by Veron Head.
10th August Mega Pelagics by Trevor Hardaker.
13th July Raptors of Botswana and some Hole Nesting Birds by Mike Soroczynski.
8th June Special Meeting to adopt a new CBC Constitution and appoint an honorary auditor, followed by Threatend Seabirds of Gough Island  by Ross Wanless.
4th May Avian malaria in the African Penguin - an ongoing threat to its long term survival by Prof Dirk
6th April Killers, Wetlands and Humans - a conservation researcher occupied by Dr Tony Williams.
9th March  Kenya in the rainy season by Otto Schmidt.
9th February Annual General Meeting, by Dieter Oschadleus from SAFRING.
12th January Catalysing Community Action for Conservation by Tanaya Goldman, Mzwandile & Leon Peter.

8th December Year End Celebration at the Nassau Centre.
10th November Birds Beasts and Blooms by Sibyl Morris.
13th October The diversity and conservation of Tortoises in South Africa by Dr. Ernst Baarde.
21st September, All about BirdLife and the Road Ahead by Prof. Gerhard Verdoorn.
11th August, Frogs of the Western Cape by James Harrison.
14th July, "Blue Crane conservation in the Western Cape" by Kevin Shaw.
9th June, "Wildlife of the Tristan Islands", by Clifford Dorse.
12th May,"How many Pelicans are too many? Conservation dilemma in the Western Cape" 
by Marta de Ponte.

14th April, "Birds of Brazil" by CBC Chairman, Vernon Head.
10th March, "Gladiators! A new insect order discovered in South Africa", by Mike Picker.
10th February, "CBC - Annual General Meeting", by Peter Steyn on Bird Photography.
13th January, "The Blouberg Conservation Area" by Clifford Dorse.

9th December "Oystercatchers" by Les Underhill.
19th November The CBC Annual Party, Pinelands Town Hall.
11th November'The succulent richness of South Africa with reference to bird pollinated species'  
                                                                                                                    by Ernst van Jaarsveld.
14th October 'Waterbird ringing in the South Western Cape' by Doug Harebottle.


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