The Cape Bird Club

Uilenkraalsmond 24 to 26 September 2004.

About 5kms east of Gansbaai, the habitat is varied from coastal beaches, estuaries to farmland. The CBC members enjoyed the previous visits to this camp in 1994, 2001. They cetrtainly did so again this year, thanks to Ann Gray.

photograph by Kirsten Louw

Lunch at Groot Hagelkraal Mel Tripp, Vernon Head, Mary Millar, Vivien van der Merwe, Brenda Anderson, Heather McBurnie, Isabella Hayden, Di Cameron, Joye Newby, Gill Ford, Jean Eva.

photograph by Kirsten Louw

The sunrise you missed not being there.

photographs by Kirsten Louw           

A visit to Danger Point lighthouse   John Magner, Gaynor Davies, Anne Gray, Hugh Clarke, Mel Tripp, Jane Magner, Fenja Clarke, Heather McBurnie, Vernon Head, Gill Ford, Heather Howell, Brenda Anderson, Sylvia Ledgard, June Wilson, Jean Eva, Mary Millar, Nicky Nupen, Priscilla Beeton, Peter Nupen, Jacques and Vivien van der Merwe .

photograph by Kirsten Louw

The lunch was good at Groot Hagelkraal Hugh & Fenja Clarke,
Peter Nupen, Heather McBurnie, Di Cameron, Joye Newby, Anne Gray, Sylvia Ledgard.


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