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photograph by Greg Morgan.

Blacksmith Lapwing hatchling.


Cape Bird Club Forums

1. The CBC - eNewsletter is limited to members of CBC. Cheryl Leslie sends out the emails.

  • Traffic is generally limited to one e-mail per week, and the intention is to remind CBC members of upcoming events
  • Advise them of any unforeseen changes to our programme
  • Allow members to develop a lift club network and share other activities and items of interest 
  • Any member of the group can post information by sending details to Cheryl Leslie.
  • Participate and share information with fellow club members.

Other local and Southern African Forums

All CBC members are advised to join thereby ensuring that they receive all the latest news on bird sightings and activities as members of CBC.

2. The CapeBirdNet is an email listserver that allows you to share information (group discussion forum) with other birders in the Cape, on the Internet.

How it works.
When a CapeBirdNet member sends a message to the forum the message is automatically sent to all other members of the group.

We encourage messages relating to:

  • local bird sightings and news from the Western and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa
  • regular updates of national rarities in the area
  • reports of locally rare birds
  • reports from local birding trips
  • News from the Cape, Tygerberg, Somerset West and other local bird clubs, including notices of meetings and special outings
  • reports on local conservation issues relating to birds
  • debate on local birding issues


Are you a Cape Bird Club member?

To join the other 800 Cape Bird Club members, email or phone your details to;

Joan Ackroyd  or  021 530 4435.

3. The SABirdNet (South African Birding listserver) aims to promote communication between birders
within South Africa about birding-related matters in southern Africa.

To join, visit 

4. The SARarebirdalert allows rapid internet communication of southern African rarity sightings.

To join send a blank message to 


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