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Felicity and Simon at Driftsands in April 2015.

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This year on the 24th April the Princessvlei Forum had another  Flight of Dreams project on the go called Save the Birds.
Cape Bird Club members went along to participate and offer their guidence and help on this important mission.


Brendon Bussy calling everybody to the gathering of the time portal at Princessvlei.

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The Princessvlei Forum had a Flight of Dreams project on the go called Meet the Birds, with local school groups participating at Princessvlei on 25 April 2014. 
The schools were Hyde Park Primary School (Parkwood), South Peninsula High School (Diep River) and Zeekoevlei Primary School (Lotus River).  
Anne Gray co-ordinated the CBC members to guide the various groups on a bird identification walk using bird charts for local wetlands and vleis.

Celia Wolfe leading a birding group from Hyde Park Primary School (Parkwood) on 25 April 2014.
This was an outdoor class project. We could not have had better weather than we experienced today.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

photograph by Greg Morgan.                  photograph by unknown.                                               photograph by Ann Koeslag. 

Pied Crow.                                 House Crow.                                             Eygptian Goose.

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An article about Pied Crows and their observed diet selection.



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