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New books and special offers. Allow extra time to browse at the meetings.
All items are at discount prices and any profit goes to the CBC.
Contact Anne Greig  also on 021 794 7791.


Here is a Xmas present for yourself, friend or family member.                   updated 29/11/2013.

The Mysteries of Birds and Birders by Clive Hopcroft who is a well known and experienced birder,
bird guide and lecturer on birds.

The book is in A5 format, with colour illustrations and is over 400 pages.
It will be available at the CBC book stall for R240.
Below are some images and the index for your information. It is described as an easy read, with the aim to entertain and educate, containing many answers for those with a casual or addicted interest in birds.

Contact Anne Grieg also on 021 794 7791 for purchases.

Front cover.                                                           Back cover.

                                                           The index of subject matter.

Archaeopteryx.                                                          Moorhen nesting under a sheet of plastic.


CBC - Clothing, hats, badges, checklists, prints to buy.

Cloth badges.

See what is available and buy by mail order.                                                                                          02/08/2011.


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