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Projects to improve bird habitats at Strandfontein.

This is a working partnership with the City of Cape Town and the Cape Bird Club.


Contact the Conservation Manager Erica Essig  office  021 396 4281.

Emergency phone number -  083 499 1717.



September 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Fire!      All part of a controlled burn of invasive vegetation which was cleared earlier in the year.

  • Rebuilding the fence line from the EE Centre to Zeekoevlei

  • Kedestes butterfly monitoring programme in operation.

  • More bird ringing with Dr Doug Harebottle.

  • Follow up removal of Typha capensis in P2.

  • Maintenance of infrastructure and picnic area.

  • Field sampling in the study pans

  • Brushpile fire burning in designated areas.

  • Student and staff training.

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August 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Hendry Saal and John Davids with the one Grey Heron chick, going for its new leg tag fitting.

  • Clearing reeds from north side of P2 for better viewing.

  • Planning and preparation work for stack burns in a management block.

  • Sam White assisted with the final translocation of carp from S2 to J dam.

  • Bird ringing with Doug Harebottle assisted by CTEET and WESSA students.

  • Removal of rubble from Pelican Park.

  • Ongoing work in garden project.

  • Franklin's Gull is still present in S7.

See the photos from the bird ringing.

July 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Egrets in the foreground with a variety of other birds to be seen in the pans at Strandfontein. 
Come and visit and see for yourself.

  • Clearing all sluice gate areas of vegetation in the P designated pans.

  • Removing rubble from Pelican Park by hand.

  • Getting ready for dry invasive stack burns.

  • Translocating 10 carp from S2 to J-dam.

  • Franklin's Gull is in S7.

  • Msc field sampling.

  • Marking out new fence line for Pelican Park. 

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June 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

On a winters afternoon and the Typha removed from P2.  What a lovely view.

  • Erica starts her MsC with research in the pans P1 and P2.

  • CATHSETA training

  • Clearing all the weirs and sluise gates in the P designated pans.

  • Clearing rubble and making a new viewing site.

  • Ongoing plant identification with Robin and Pat Burnett.

  • Chestnet-vented Tit-Babler sighted in the birding area.


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May 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Painted Lady butterfly feeding on autumn vygie flowers.

  • Chrystline Mathews started as Field Ranger this month! Thanks to the Julie de Groen Trust and Cape Bird Club for sponsoring this 8 month postion.

  • Clint Williams started his new contract at SBA valid until December 2014, thanks to the Julie de Groen Trust and Cape Bird Club.

  • Cut and pulled out the Typha Capensis regrowth in pan P2.

  • Opened up boards in the wagon wheel - Flooding P2, P3. Opened up P4, P5 and P6 (Flooding P2 because of typha, flooding P3 because of fish mortalities).

  • Fencing is being vandalised.

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April 2014.

No photos were supplied for April.

  • Preparations for the Birdathon.

  • Birdathon was a great success.

  • CATHSETA learners went on a week long course at the Riversdale Nature College.

  • Camera and binos stolen.

  • On going invassive plant removal in Pelican Park and Birding Area.

  • Maintenance of the Bird Info Centre garden and Tern roost.

  • Fynbos identification training.

  • Water safety training.

  • White faced Ducks seen on pan S4.

March 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

J - dam with wave action erosion of the bank in January 2014.

  • Chainsaw training paid for by the Julie te Groen bequest.

  • Plant species ID with Robin and Pat Burnett.

  • Preparing for the Birdathon in April.

  • Possible botulism in P2.

  • Maintenance on raft in P6 for herons.

  • Conservation training for staff.

  • Erosion project in J - dam.

  • Repaired fishing platforms.

  • There are "new little footprints" next door at Rondevlei.

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February 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Gum tree branches placed in P1 for bird perches.

  • Installed more gum tree perches at P1 and S2 - have noted swallows and cormorats perching here.

  • GIS mapped all the Imperenta grass patches in Pelican Park. This will be used to create our Kedestes monitoring protocol which is being piloted this year.

  • Mangement block 5 has finally been cleared by the Strandfontein team.

  • Mangemnet block 2 was initially cleared at Pelican Park by the IAS team.

  • Excavators have left site. They didnít finish the typha at P2, but the pan has had a major facelift.

  • Plant ID conducted at Pelican Park with Robin and Pat Burnett and Ismat.

  • Constant monitoring of all electric fencelines, bollards, barbed wire fenceline and Baden powell fenceline.

  • Put up more bollards at Recife Close in Pelican Park because the quadbikers and cars were getting through the gaps.

  • 3 Pectoral Sandpipers seen in P1.

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January 2014.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Conservation staff members checking up on a Cape Teal.

  • Skills Development contracts have been extended to May 2014.

  • 2 x new EPWP team workers started this month.

  • New hand railing put in at the Bird Information Centre. The building was plastered
    and also painted. Looking fresh! 

  • New wooden boards put in at S3 canal as the grid was stolen. The wooden boards
    have holes to let water out, and keep water hyacinth trapped.

  • Removed Yucca plants, also testing a new herbicide on this plant type.

  • Fire in Pelican Park Reserve. Quite intense, burnt roughly 3 - 4 hectares.

  • Installed 1 x raft as a perching platform for pan S4.

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