The Cape Bird Club

Projects to improve bird habitats at Strandfontein.

This is a working partnership with the City of Cape Town and the Cape Bird Club.


Contact the Conservation Manager Erica Essig  office  021 396 4281.

Emergency phone number -  083 499 1717.


October 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

An eight legged Blacksmith Lapwing.

  • Hyacinth monitoring and clearing in pans M1, M2 S4, S7

  • Follow u p invasive removals in Management blocks SBA01, SBA05, SBA08, SBA10

  • collecting seed for the Kirstenbosch Millennium Seed Bank Partnership.

  • migrant waders arriving

  • fire fighting in Block 07 of Pelican Park

  • 3 illegal structures removed from around the FBEP

  • Pelican Park Reserve fence line being reinstalled.

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September 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Rescuing 2 Greater Flamingo juveniles.

  • Staff training and study assignment monitoring.

  • Monitoring and follow ups for hyacinth in pans M1, M2, S4, S7.

  • Clearing typha and reeds in various pans.

  • Repairing the Pelican Park fence line.

  • Kedestes butterfly monitoring.

  • Clearing alien invasive plant species in Pelican Park Reserve.

  • African Jacanna sighting.

  • Spring Walk at Pelican Park Reserve for nearby residents.

  • Allens Gallenule sighting.

  • BirdLife SA IBA launch.

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August 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

The Pelican Heights and Southern Birding Area staff on a team building course.

  • Completed documenting all the weirs for the pans.

  • Bird ID for eastern shore of Zeekoevlei baseline data done.

  • Fence lines repaired and monitored regularly.

  • African Jacana sighting in P6.

  • Kedestes butterfly larval monitoring done in Pelican Park.

  • Allen's Gallinule sighting.

  • Staff attending a variety of training courses.

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July 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Water hyacinth being removed from pan S1.

  • Compiled a report for all the weirs in the ponds for CFWWTW.

  • 60 bags of litter removed from Strandfontein Road.

  • P1 cleared of reeds.

  • Work started on S1 clearing hyacinth with long arm excavator.

  • Plant ID in Management Block 10 by Robin and Pat Burnett.

  • Kedestes butterfly larvae monitoring by MsC student Ismat Adams with assistance by staff.

  • Bird count on the eastern shore of Zeekoevlei.

  • Monitoring, maintenance and patrolling the fence lines of the Reserves.

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May 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Morning Glory infestation. The False Bay Head quarters are in the distance, looking west towards Steenberg and the the rest of the peninsula mountain range.

  • Building new fence lines with maintenance and patrolling.

  • Installing bollards in Beak Road along Stranfontein Road.

  • Spraying the Morning Glory creepers infestation in management block 1.

  • Plant ID training by Robin and Pat Burnett.

  • Assisting CFWWTW with weirs at Pan S3.

  • Various staff training programs in operation.

  • Planting the banks of J dam to prevent soil erosion.

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April 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Unloading the boat of Water Hyacinth removed manually from pan S4. 

  • Strandfontein and Pelican Park hosting 5 Research Projects.

  • Staff spend many hours on skills and development training.

  • A Citrine Wagtail at Strandfontein caused excitement in the
    birding community, many travelling from all parts of RSA
    to come and see it.

  • Water Hyacinth clearing in pan S4. See the new location map.

  • Asssiting with controlled burns at other Reserves.

  • Plant ID in Pelican Park with Robin and Pat Burnett.

  • Bollards erected in Duiker Road Pelican Heights. 

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March 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

Plant identification in the Reserve with Robin and Pat Burnett.

  • New Field Ranger appointed for Pelican Park

  • Assisting with Peninsula Mountain fires

  • hand clearing hyacinth from M2 and P7

  • clearing fence line in Pelican Park

  • dead carp removed from S3 and J dam

  • preparation for and participation in the Birdathon 2015

  • Porcupine release in Pelican Park

  • Mapping controlled burn areas

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February 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

The new perches being well used.

  • Celebrated World Wetlands Day with the RAMSAR certification this month.

  • Typha removed from P1, P2, P5, P7, P8, S7,S8.

  • Removed 75 tons of rubble from Pelican Park this month.

  • New perches installed at P4 and typha cleared for better viewing opportunities.

  • New viewing platform at P4. Cleared typha for better viewing.

  • Assisted 2 other Reserves with fires.

  • Preparing for the Birdathon.

  • Clearing hyacinth from the Zeekoevlei canals in the WWTW.

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January 2015.

photograph by Erica Essig.

The success of bank stabilization and new plant growth after rehabilitation of the pond banks.

  • New students and extended contracts granted for staff by the Julie te Groen Bequest.

  • Fire fighting at large in Slangetjiebos.

  • Maintaing wood work on the jetties. 

  • Repaired sluice gates of P1.

  • Law enforcement at Pelican Park.

  • Preparing for the World Wetlands Day - RAMSAR function.

  • Attending to the hyacinth growth in S2 and M7 ponds.

  • Attended training course for Environment Monitoring Inspectorate.

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