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Guidelines when visiting Strandfontein

This is a working partnership with the City of Cape Town and the Cape Bird Club.


Conservation Manager Erica Essig

Conservation Office - 021 396 4281

photograph by Morne Carstens

Little Egret.

These are some suggested guidelines to be aware of as a visitor/s to Strandfontein;

As with any conservation area there are some things that we may or may not do. This is to minimise the impact visitors have on the area and ensure that all visitors also have an enjoyable visit. The following list is for everyone to consider, before coming to Strandfontein (Cape Flats Waste Water Treatment Works Conservation Area).
Please take note of these and help us in our conservation efforts.

  • Your vehicle may from time to time be subjected to spot checks by the security officers at the entrance. This is to kerb theft from the area which is a problem.

  • Maximum speed limit for the area is 20km/h.

  • No motorcycles of any kind are allowed.

  • Please take with you any litter that you may bring into the area and do not dump anything.

  • Kindly insure that you do not light or cause any fires to be lit in the area.

  • Please do not cause any disturbance (Loud behaviour, music etc.)

  • As with any nature conservation area please do not interfere with, molest or disturb any animal, insect, reptile, fish, bird or bird's egg or nest or feed any animal, bird or reptile.

  • Please do not damage, destroy, uproot, pick or cut any flower, plant, tree or part there of, unless you are in possession of the correct permits to do so.

  • Please stay on formal roadways only and do not go "Off road". The reasons for this it threatens ground nesting birds as they are well camouflaged. Leaving the road ways also causes erosion problems.

  • At certain times roads will be closed off in order to prevent disturbances during nesting and breeding. We rely on you to respect this. Barriers will be in the form of logs across the road or danger tape.

  • Kindly refrain from bringing dogs into the area. This causes an unnatural disturbances in the area, dogs that get loose can cause havoc to nesting birds and it is not fair to leave your beloved pet in the car while you go for a stroll.

  • Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and do not pickup hitch hikers or strangers. It is very important to report any strange or illegal activity to the security officers or to one of the contact numbers below. We need your help to improve the area and keep it safe for all.

Thank you for your consideration and help, come and visit us soon!

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to make contact with any of the following;

Emergency phone number  - 083 499 1717

Waste Water Treatment Works - 021 396 1060

City Police - 021 596 1400

Law Enforcement - 021 703 3075


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