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Directions to Strandfontein

This is a working partnership with the City of Cape Town and the Cape Bird Club.


Contact the Conservation Manager Erica Essig  office 021 396 4281.

Emergency phone number - 083 499 1717

photograph by Morne Carstens.

Orange throated Longclaw.

The Cape Flats Waste Water Treatment Works, also called Strandfontein in the City of Cape Town.

The large 377.1 ha (319,6 ha aquatic and 57.5 ha terrestrial) sewages works is situated on the Cape Flats (34 05' S, 18 31' E) 20 kilometres south of Cape Town.

Exit Cape Town on the Eastern Boulevard, 

  • Move off onto the N2 following the signs for Cape Town's International Airport for approximately one kilometre. 

  • Take the M5 road for Muizenberg. Follow this freeway, and take the Ottery turn off left.

  • Continue along Ottery Road to the intersection with Strandfontein Road (M17). 

  • Turn right into Stranfontein Road (M17) and continue until the sign for Zeekoevlei on the right is visible. 

  • Turn right through the Blue Gum trees into Zeekoevlei Road.

  • Follow the road past the Cape Peninsula Aquatic Club and into the Works.

Strandfontein is situated on the south eastern boarder of Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

photograph by Morne Carstens

Greater Flamingoes.


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