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33. Constantia Bulletin article about the False Bay Nature Reserve receiving the RAMSAR certification on 02/02/2015.   Pg1.  and  Pg2. 04/02/2015.
32. An imprint of a Cape Turtle Dove.  by Gavin Lawson. 30/01/2015.
31. A leucistic Red-capped Lark. by John Fincham. 28/01/2015.
30. An unusual owl story.  from the owlpages website. -
29. How to identify Mallards. -
28. The 2014 Birdathon at Strandfontein. -
27. Junior birding by CBC members. -
26. How survey maps originated in South Africa. -
25. The Bontebok National Park and its founder. -
24. Did you know that Deneys Reitz introduced laws in South Africa to protect wild birds and helped the conservation of wild animals? -
23. Pied Crows and their observed diet selection. by John Fincham & 
                                                                            Nollie Lambrechts.
22. Stop feeding the birds. by Louise Stafford. -
21. Kirstenbosch centenary 2013 guided bird walks. -
20. Look what we found when walking near Wolseley. by Holger Rust. -
19. The Penguin Run.          and the       SABC Expresso interview. -
18. A bird showing a little flesh. by Ann Koeslag. -
17. Help wanted with the Secretary Bird monitoring. by Ernst Retief. -
16. The Cape Peninsula Knysna Warbler       and
Searching for the Peninsula Knysna Warblers.
15. A photographic sequence of a Rock Kestrel.  by William McIntosh. -
14. Potential impacts of climatic change on southern African birds of fynbos and grassland biodiversity hotspots.
by Brian Huntley and Phoebe Barnard.
13. House Crow update December 2012.   by City of Cape Town. -
12. African Fish Eagle Electrocution.   by E. Oettle and F. Meyer. -
11. Anne Gray receives a WESSA Award. -
10. Common Starlings in Maryland, USA. -
9.  A rare Jacana visitor to Zandvlei on 21/04/2012. -
8. Click to see a Spotted Owl fly toward the camera.  
       Watch the feathers in the last few seconds.


A rare, Little Crake visitor to the Silvermine Wetlands.   
                                                                           by Evanne Rothwell.



A new bird hide at the Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary. by John Clements.



Eric Barnes - Birdlist for the Fish Hoek and Clovelly valley.
          A link to an article from the Scenic South website.



Technology and industry come to the aid of Paarden Eiland Blacksmith Plovers.



Fortunes and failures of the peninsula Jackal Buzzards in 2009.



House Crows.



"The decline in herons along the lower Olifants River, Kruger Park area - could pansteatitis be a contributing factor" has been published in Vet News, March 2009.

Jan Myburgh - author, gave John Fincham (CBC member) permission to distribute the article.




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